August 21st, 2019

UnFranchise Resource: MA|SHOP.COM Sizzle Reel

Team I’d like to share with you a great video which can be utilized before UBPs to establish credibility as well as provide an excellent background and overview of our business. This video is excellent for helping establish unquestionable legitimacy and to help inoculate or immunize people against false rumors, misconceptions, preconceived notions and stereotypes. It’s just three minutes long and can serve as a tremendous resource for UnFranchise Owners to help set the stage for UBPs. I also recommend that you share it with people at the end of the meeting as part of the follow-up, so they can refer to it or show it to others that may have preconceived notions that are misleading and invalid.

Here is a download link to the mp4 file:

This video is a great start but we’re developing additional tools to mitigate the name hijacking to get people to open up a site that misleadingly lures people to click on it or redirects traffic by asking a negative question like:is MA (or any visible successful company) a scam, pyramid, or another negative connotation. When they understand the technique and that is unethical, false & fraught with sinister economic self-serving motives – they do not pay attention to it or take it seriously. I’m also putting out additional tools to help answer why we are NOT MLM. So stay tuned!!

Keep Growing!

-JR Ridinger 

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Posted by JR Ridinger on Wednesday, August 21, 2019


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