Times Square Tribute for Dennis Franks

Losing a hero like Dennis Franks is something that’s hard to put into words. The loss is just too deep, and touches so many people. To encapsulate the essence of what someone means to the world is nearly impossible with mere words. Sometimes you need pictures to tell the story of someone who meant so much to so many people around the globe. This past Friday, we ran a feature with Dennis on the Times Square jumbotron to honor and celebrate our fallen hero.

Dennis was beloved by so many people around the world, we felt Times Square would be a fitting place to honor his remarkable legacy. Dennis wasn’t just an inspirational mentor to entrepreneurs around the world, he was a driving force within our business and the cultivator of our corporate culture. His attitude energized us and his brilliance as a businessman helped make us the company we are today. His immense impact on our company and our culture are nothing short of profound.

I’ll probably never be able to fully describe what losing Dennis means to us, but just know we will always love you Dennis and will never forget what you meant to all of us!