November 1st, 2019

Thymenol Featured on Yahoo Finance!

Since making its debut, Thymenol has been one of our most popular and in-demand products – thanks in large part to its exclusive formula and the revolutionary cap in cap technology that Marc spoke about at International Convention. Thymenol is special new product for Market America, and one we feel has incredible potential for growth – and we’re excited for what that means for UnFranchise Owners as well as our customers.  

By combining Thymoquin with Pycnogenol, we’ve changed the game with Thymenol – so it’s easy to see why this exciting new product is making headlines! In fact, Thymenol was recently featured on Yahoo Finance and various news outlets which have sent our exposure through the roof. When you consider all the massive influence & footprint of the different media outlets which have talked about Thymenol, we’ve potentially reached nearly 100 million people!   

Thymenol’s revolutionary Cap in Cap technology.

As an UnFranchise Owner this is the perfect time to capitalize on one of our hottest and in-demand products by leveraging these types of media hits to spark a conversation about our products and the UnFranchise. Sharing this on social media is a great way to get people talking about your business while also sharing a great new product with them. With your people power, we have the ability to take this Thymenol promotion and media attention to the next level! 

If you haven’t tried this amazing product yet, get yours today on SHOP.COM, or if you’re a UFO. You can also CLICK HERE to view some excellent information about this revolutionary product to help with your promotional efforts!

Keep Growing!
-JR Ridinger 

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  1. Scott and I just started the product Thymenol on Thursday. Everything we are using, through Market America, and all that we use in our daily routine, are the best quality products not to mention completely affordable…especially for what you get in return. They really are a company built on product and are so passionate at bringing us the very best! We are blessed to have found this company and their product lines, 25 years ago and can say we feel better than ever, not to mention the ability to design a lifestyle, and have time freedom.

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