July 11th, 2018

The Shopping Annuity Featured on Entrepreneur.com

The word is really starting to get out about the Shopping Annuity, and this recent article from Entrepreneur.com will help so many new people discover the power of our business. Below you’ll find a great except from Entrepreneur.com where they outline some revolutionary billion dollar business models – and we are honored to have the Shopping Annuity recognized as the paradigm-shifter that it is!

Sharing this type of material on social media is a great way to spark interest in your business and get people talking about the Shopping Annuity. The idea of converting your everyday spending into income is an idea whose time has come – and the more people who know about it and use it, the more powerful it will ultimately become!

Keep Growing!
-JR Ridinger



Excerpt from Entrepreneur.com:


Shopping Annuity.

The so-called shopping annuity is a not-so-talked-about business model, but one that’s presently gaining some ground. The idea behind this model is simply to enable customers to earn from their own current spending. Consumers actually earn money when purchasing everyday items, such as paper towels, toilet paper, toothpaste, razors and so on. It can be a very compelling model that fits well into the ecommerce space.

A good example of a business that’s pioneering the shopping annuity is Market America, through its ecommerce site, shop.com. Founder and CEO of Market America and shop.com, JR Ridinger, is seeing significant success with this business model in nine countries, including the U.S. In a recent interview, Ridinger said, “The shopping annuity — converting everyday spending into earning — is the foundation of our business model and is like rocket fuel for our UnFranchise business, overall. Let’s face it, Uber is essentially the largest taxi service in the world, and they don’t own a single taxi/car. We look at the retail landscape in a similar way, and realize there’s an equally powerful opportunity for us as a global ecommerce powerhouse. People don’t just shop for luxury items, they shop for the things they use everyday. By making those purchases the cornerstone of a shopping annuity, we feel this concept will revolutionize the retail industry as well as our economy. It took 25 years for the technology to catch up to our original vision of interconnected shoppers who wield their collective buying power and convert spending into earning.”

The shopping annuity business model might just revolutionize the way ecommerce works. You might want to look into it.



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