Standing Together For Justice

Although many of us are still managing the financial and emotional struggles of COVID-19, we find ourselves once again challenged as a nation.

At a time like this, family and community have taken on special meanings for us.  After all, Market America Worldwide| SHOP.COM has always been built on “People Power” and inclusion rather than exclusion.  The past week, unfortunately, has put a spotlight yet again on continued injustices in our society.  Market America Worldwide | SHOP.COM was built on diversity, inclusion and equality; we maintain these ideals as part of our DNA – period.

Our recent emotions have ranged from anger to sadness to frustration. In the same week that we were able to send two astronauts on a reusable rocket into outer space, we also witnessed some of the worst human behavior possible — George Floyd’s life mattered.

So many of us are hurting right now, including many of you — this pain cannot be ignored.  We grieve for those who have lost their lives, their loved ones, their innocence and their opportunity in life as a result of prejudice, racism and discrimination.  Please know that we support your right to be seen and heard and we stand with you. We understand that we will never understand but we stand beside you to fight the injustices you face daily.

As the leaders of this Company whose mission is to empower and support entrepreneurs by providing an opportunity to the disenfranchised while removing barriers that interfere such as race, money and education — we are a great equalizer.  Market America Worldwide | SHOP.COM has a responsibility to take action toward improving the communities around us.  Silence and inaction equal consent; therefore, we commit to speaking up and taking action to fight injustice, inequality, racism and discrimination. We also know how important it is to listen and learn from people who have actually lived through experiences of racism and injustice.  We must do both in order to truly do the work necessary to make this week, and every week that follows, better.

We stand with the Black community.  As a company, we must use our voice to help drive change and foster a path of healing.  The global crisis of systemic racism is something that demands immediate and drastic action and attention from all of us.

While long term action is needed, Market America Worldwide | SHOP.COM is taking the following steps:

  • We are making donations across a number of organizations for their vital work to advance racial justice, civil rights and economic empowerment.  We firmly believe that Black Lives Matter and we are committed to supporting and participating in the changes that need to take place.  We will also encourage our partners and communities to do the same.
  • We are reaffirming our commitment to combat racism and discrimination in our communities.  We will also use our voice to support policies that put an end to racism and injustice.
  • We will be collaborating with experts to identify ways to combat implicit and explicit bias in our communities and design strategies to change the written and unwritten rules that affect Black communities the most and have the greatest potential to advance justice and inclusion.

Our goal is to foster and create long-term change so we will continue to seek out ways to be part of the progress, as a company and as a community.  You have our commitment that acts of racism, hate speech and discrimination of any kind are not tolerated at our Company and are strict violations of our Company policy.  We are proud of the diverse family that we have at Market America Worldwide | SHOP.COM.

Justice is not a relative term; there is no grey area. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!  We will continue to use our voice and platform to make progress together.  We’re extremely proud of the strong community and family that we’ve built together over the past 28+ years — one that leads with love and where everyone has the opportunity to succeed and thrive.  Although the gravity of the injustices is immense, we still believe in the power of people and community, the possibilities that flow when we work together, and that love will always overcome hate.

With much love and respect,

Marc Ashley & JR Ridinger


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