August 2nd, 2019

Sign of the Times: Sears’ Bankruptcy May Decimate Retirement Benefits

I speak a lot about the UnFranchise being the right entrepreneurial opportunity at the right time, and I recently came across a shocking article that seems to really reaffirm the need for everyone to cultivate a powerful and sustainable Plan B. I’m sure many of you have heard about Sears and their bankruptcy woes – but this article from really highlights the impact on their employees – many of whom have been with them for decades and were relying on a solid retirement package from the company they poured so much heart and soul into.

Bankruptcy is never an easy process for companies and their employees – but the impact this is having on those who were counting on Sears for their retirement benefits is utterly shocking. People who were expecting retirement benefits from Sears, some which would have been in the tens of thousands range, may receive the paltry sum of around $135. While none of this is set in stone yet – were this to happen it would be devastating for employees who were expecting and relying on so much more.

To me, this is yet another scary example of the need for everyone to cultivate a Plan B with the UnFranchise! If you want to discover exactly how to do that, you need to attend our International Convention next week in Greensboro, NC! We have the power and the plan to help average people do extraordinary things which can help offset financial setbacks like those Sears’ employees may be facing soon.

My heart really goes out to them, because its terrible to see the financial rug pulled right from under someone just as they were about to retire. I hope they join us and build an UnFranchise so they can experience an ongoing income that leverages our collective buying power. Come to MAIC2019 next week and find out how we do it!!! 

Keep Growing!
-JR Ridinger 

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