SHOP.COM Mentioned as 2021 Crypto Trendsetter in Retail

Team, I recently came across a tremendous article on which mentions SHOP.COM as one of the leading retailers to embrace crypto in 2021. This is excellent exposure for our brands and business, not to mention it can serve as a great icebreaker when introducing the UnFranchise business to new people. We’ve always embraced cutting edge technology and trends so it’s only fitting that we’re now pioneers in terms of making crypto a popular payment option for online retail. 


So much of this is due to Steve Ashley’s forward thinking – as he’s been the driving force behind our cryptocurrency efforts. He had the foresight to partner with companies like BitPay to provide new payment options on SHOP.COM while helping open a path to new opportunities as cryptocurrencies continue to grow in relevance and popularity. If you want to see what Steve and the team are working on next, I suggest you join us for the 2022 Market America World Conference! It’s the perfect way to catch the next retail wave!

Keep Growing!
-JR Ridinger