SHOP.COM + Cryptocurrency: Steve Ashley Interviewed on DigitalBusiness360

One thing I love about our company and corporate team is the fact we thrive on the cutting edge. We don’t just follow trends, we create them. That’s why we’re always leading the parade and capitalizing on emerging opportunities. Steve Ashley is a big reason why SHOP.COM is always a step ahead of the industry, and his recent feature in DigitalBusiness360 is further proof of his impactful foresight. The article highlights SHOP.COM’s new crypto payment option along with some great comments from Steve.

As Steve told me yesterday – “It’s an exciting time for SHOP.COM as we enter a whole new economic ecosystem with cryptocurrency. We studied the data and determined there was a great opportunity for us to work with BitPay to begin accepting cryptocurrency as a payment option on SHOP.COM. This is an exciting initiative for our entire company as well as UnFranchise Owners around the globe. It’s a new era for business and we’re thrilled to be in a position to capitalize on emerging trends and technologies.”