September 10th, 2019

Press Videos to Spark a Conversation About Your Business

The following videos are to be shown at the beginning of all opportunity presentations: Overviews and 2 to 3 yr. plan (UnFranchise System = Residual income) vs 45 yr. plan, 1 on 1’s or 2 on 1’s, HBP’s and UBP’s. I also strongly recommend that you provide them the link and/or the file (which you can download below). I always send a follow up message after showing the plan or an overview and provide a link to it or the file attachment and remind them to watch it and encourage doing the evaluation approach together and seeing it 3 times. 

These videos are so powerful because they address the misleading propaganda and various questions surrounding our company and opportunity. We stand on a solid history and record and I would be glad to address any comments anyone might make. The best part is these videos have closed captions which allow people all over the world to utilize them. The whole purpose is to educate people and to ‘inoculate’ or ‘immunize’ them against gossip, rumors, and stereotypical preconceived notions or mischaracterizations, suspicions or questions of “being one of those things” when we are really not and can be clearly differentiated. 

I am developing more of these tools in order to strengthen your prospecting efforts with tools that address these types of concerns or questions. Here are links for versions in different languages on both YouTube and a download links for the actual files. Spread the word and share this and teach people how to use it!

Keep Growing!

-JR Ridinger

Market America | SHOP.COM Press Sizzle – Subtitled Videos and Links:

Download Link (5 Videos):

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