People Power: Fat Joe Rallies Support for Puerto Rico’s Hurricane Relief Effort

One thing that always impresses me about UnFranchise Owners is their knack for putting others first. Helping others is a central part to our business model, so it’s easy to see why so many UnFranchise Owners go above and beyond for the people in their life. Many go above and beyond for people they don’t even know, and make a huge positive impact on our communities in the process. Helping others in need is easily one of the best ways to effect positive change – and right now, Puerto Rico really needs the help of our UnFranchise Family.

As many of you know, the island of Puerto Rico remains largely devastated in the wake of Hurricane Maria. With nearly 60% of the island still without power, life has been a struggle in the aftermath of this monumental storm. It’s been six weeks since this massive hurricane swept through and changed everyone’s life in Puerto Rico, but even with the passing of time there is still so much to be done and many people who need our help.

Resources are limited, lines are long, and assistance is greatly needed. I’ve included below some heartbreaking photos we received from Puerto Rico, and I share them with you now in the hopes these visual reminders will help illustrate just how much help is still needed for the people of Puerto Rico…

The only available power source to cook food.
For those with access to propane, cooking is still possible.
After waiting in line for hours, this is all the food available for an entire family to eat for a day. Just one fresh meal per day.
Two feet of standing water after the Hurricane swept across the island.

As a true leader, my brother Fat Joe has stepped up as a vocal supporter of the people of Puerto Rico, and has been a powerful catalyst for positive change as he works hard to bring much needed food and supplies to the devastated island. The situation is so bad that many people have resorted to leaving the island entirely, which will ultimately make it harder for this vibrant community to bounce back. That’s why it’s so important for everyone to rally together and show the world what true People Power is all about.



This tragedy may seem far away for many people but it really hit close to home for Fat Joe and the entire Market America management team. We absolutely love this vibrant island and its amazing people – and want to do our part to help spread the word about their need for help! If you have the means, I suggest you follow the link I’ve listed below and contribute to the Puerto Rico Recovery Effort:

What I love most about Fat Joe’s involvement in this recovery effort is the fact that his star power has helped generate even more press coverage for this tragedy which I hope will ultimately lead to more donations and more aid reaching the people of Puerto Rico. Below you’ll find some great media highlights showing how Fat Joe and the team are spreading the word and making a positive impact for Puerto Rico. Thanks to everyone who continues to donate time, money, and resources to the Puerto Rico recovery effort. Together we are making a big difference – but there’s still much more to be done!

Keep Growing!

-JR Ridinger


Puerto Rico Relief Media Coverage:




Additional Images Showing the Massive Devastation to the Island of Puerto Rico: