In the News: Recent Media Hits for Market America, Fat Joe, and the UnFranchise

It seemed like for years we we’re the best keep secret in business – but we’ve been in so many different news publications these past few years I think it’s becoming more and more difficult to state that! In fact, Market America and the UnFranchise we’re recently featured in three excellent online articles that really showcase what our business is all about and will help us reach new people.

I suggest every UnFranchise Owner not only read these articles but also makes sure your teammates see this – because sharing this type of information is a great way to build our brand, expose your business to new people, and effectively illustrate what we’re all about. I’ve also included brief write-ups that give a nice glimpse into each article, which you will find below…

Keep Growing!
-JR Ridinger




Recent appearances of Market America in online articles showcase what it takes to achieve success in your UnFranchise™ Business — and what to avoid…


In “Integrity of the UnFranchise System,” Chairman and CEO JR Ridinger speaks of his determination to put a stop to unauthorized sales of exclusive Market America products on sites like Amazon. UnFranchise Owners (UFOs) need to be proactive, JR says.

“Anytime this happens it threatens the integrity of our business and undermines the success of UFOs around the world,” JR says in the article. “As UnFranchise Owners it’s up to all of us to not only familiarize ourselves with the proper business practices but to also ensure that our teams are following the guidelines and policies that were created to protect the growth and integrity of our business.” Click here to read the complete article (available only in English).


Meanwhile, in “Market America Events – No Excuse Attendance” JR says attending events like International Convention and World Conference is so crucial for success that team leaders should follow his lead and pay it forward by buying tickets for their team members and prospects who may not be able to pay, or are as yet unwilling. “For as long as I can remember I would invite and pay the way for one to four people that I was recruiting or that were new and starting to grow,” he says. Click here to read the complete article (available only in English).


And in “Market America Convention 2017 – Fat Joe and the Power of Moving Up,” Joseph “Fat Joe” Cartagena, President of Urban and Latino Development, speaks of the power of belief to transform lives, particularly in the Market America system where UFOs succeed best by helping others to succeed, too. Click here to read the complete article (available only in English).