November 12th, 2017

In the News: Market Malaysia Launch Garners Major Media Attention

Whenever we open operations in a new market country it’s always an incredibly exciting time for our corporate team and our global UnFranchise Family. With each new market comes new opportunities for growth as well as a chance to share our life-changing business and products with new people around the world. Our recent Market Malaysia launch has generated tremendous interest and excitement among UnFranchise Owners as well as news outlets and the business community in general. The Market Malaysia launch has also created some major media buzz and has been featured in over 165 global news outlets so far – and the momentum is still growing!

It’s clear the word is getting out about our expansion into Malaysia – and even more importantly the UnFranchise opportunity is really resonating in the region and as a result we’re seeing a lot of great feedback and media coverage. This is a great time for UnFranchise Owners to really tap into the global power of this business by cross-pollinating and riding the wave of excitement happening now with Market Malaysia. Sharing the media hits I’ve listed below is a simple way to spread the word about your business while also capitalizing on the excitement surrounding the launch of Market Malaysia.

Below you’ll also find links to articles with some great photos from the Market Malaysia launch event, which can serve as valuable promotional materials for you to utilize. The excitement surrounding Market Malaysia isn’t a fluke – it represents a major opportunity for you to expand your reach into a vibrant new market country and truly harness the global power of the UnFranchise. Start today by helping us maximize our media footprint by sharing this information through social media, emails, and blogs!

Keep Growing!

-JR Ridinger



Market Malaysia Blog Posts with Additional Photos:


Market Malaysia Launch Media Hits (a brief collection):


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