September 27th, 2019

Market America|SHOP.COM Receive their 14th Fast 50 Award from the Triad Business Journal

Last night was another special night for our company as Market America | SHOP.COM were just recognized by the Triad Business Journal as one of the area’s fastest growing companies at the Fast 50 awards! This prestigious award highlights the 50 fastest growing businesses in the Triad – crucial businesses which help drive the economy. 

Not only are we one of the fastest growing companies in North Carolina, but we’re also one of the most consistent – because this is the 14th time we’ve received a Fast 50 award! No other company can make that claim, and it speaks to the vision and leadership of our corporate team as well as the efforts and execution of the game plan by UnFranchise Owners around the world. 

Thanks to you, we’re not only one of the fastest and consistently growing companies around, but we’re also one of the largest – having recently been ranked as the second largest private business in the Triad!!! To be an efficient and fast-growing, successful business is one thing – but when you do that for as many years as we’ve done it’s easy to see how we’ve gone from a small home-based business to the second largest privately-owned business in the Triad!

Congratulations to our UnFranchise Owners around the world who helped us earn the Triad Business Journal’s Fast 50 Award for the 14th time! It’s a remarkable accomplishment when you consider we’ve maintained a spectacular rate of growth for well over two decades! It speaks to the power of the plan, the longevity of our success, and the commitment of UnFranchise Owners. Entrepreneurs hold the torch, lighting the way for other to follow, and the vital impact we have on the economy is evident by the litany of awards and accolades we’ve earned together as a team!

The revenue we generate and the beneficial effects this has on the economy as a whole make us not only a vital business opportunity for entrepreneurs around the world, but also a key source of revenue for the entire region. Thank you for being an important part of that and for helping us maintain our consistent growth & success! This is how we change the world!!!

Keep Growing and Congratulations on our 14th Fast 50 Award!!!

-JR Ridinger

I’ve included a photo from last night with Eddie Alberty (Vice President of Strategic Partnerships) & Clem Erhardt (General Counsel) holding our latest Fast 50 Award from the Triad Business Journal:

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