Market America | SHOP.COM Rank #52 in 2021 Digital Commerce 360 Rankings

Dear UnFranchise Leaders and Fellow Entrepreneurs:

Market America | SHOP.COM was recently listed at number #52 in the new 2021 marketplace rankings of Internet Retailer Magazine’s new “Digital Commerce 360” rankings. This is pretty impressive when you consider this includes many Fortune 50 and Fortune 500 retailers as well as hundreds of thousands of excellent ecommerce sites.

There has been a tremendous migration of brands & well-established brick and mortar stores and chains over to digital/internet marketing and online sales; increasing the number of big companies in the game and boosting the competition. Market America | SHOP.COM has been as high as #32 and has been in the top 100 for the past ten years. That kind of consistency only comes with people power!

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Market America | SHOP.COM is a 360 Digital Marketing and Internet Marketing company with an opportunity in onine direct selling. On SHOP.COM you’ll find Market America’s exclusive brands plus tens of thousands of recognized name brands and partner stores. We also offer UnFranchise Owners Shopping Annuity brand products (items of necessity/consumable products) at savings and higher commission for their shopping sites.

We are entrepreneurially-driven and possess a state of the art tracking system that tracks all the online sales of customers and UFOs and the footprint of anyone they lead to directly or indirectly. This works similarly to a Social Media Following or Influencers and extracts a piece of the margin to pay the UnFranchise Owner retail profits.

Each UFO has a 360 degree shopping and digital marketing site which includes products, payment processing, customer benefits and tracking, fulfillment, social commerce, SEO-SEM, and an arsenal of digital marketing tools including trial size marketing, coupons, special offers, and Cashback.

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JR Ridinger