Market America | SHOP.COM CTO Gene Wallace Featured on RetailITInsights

I’ve always been a big believer in the concept that success is derived from your belief & mindset – but another huge factor is obviously the people in which you surround yourself. Surrounding yourself with forward thinkers and the brightest minds leads to breakthroughs and success, and a great example of that is my good friend Gene Wallace. Gene is our brilliant Chief Technology Officer at Market America | SHOP.COM – and his guidance and insights have helped us not only capitalize on the latest technologies but also push the envelope in terms of leveraging technology to deliver an unparalleled e-commerce experience.

One thing this global pandemic has done is highlight the importance of technology as it relates to ecommerce, and fortunately for us, Gene has been consistently ahead of the curve. CLICK HERE to read a fascinating interview with sourcing agent China as he discusses the importance of leveraging technology, especially as ecommerce becomes even more vital to the way we (as a society) do business. We are blessed to have thought leaders like Gene helping us lead the way and leverage the very attest technologies. It’s a huge part of our overall success! 

Keep Growing!
-JR Ridinger