June 19th, 2012

Market America Ranked One of the Top Direct Selling Companies in the World

This is great news! Market America was just named one of the top direct selling companies in the world! Unlike many direct marketing companies, we are a hybrid model, and possibly even the first true cross between Internet marketing, Social Shopping and Direct sales. We utilize our incredible people power and entrepreneurial zeal to serve customers and expand distribution as Shop consultants (Product Brokers, One to One Marketing Professionals, and Personal Shoppers.)


While we are ranked 25th in the world as a direct sales company, we feel that with our technology, products, business plan, and incredible people power – the sky’s the limit!



If we were a pure direct sales company we would be ranked much higher than 25th, as we are masters and innovators in that regard.  We have made a conscious decision not to do that and focus on a new more futuristic and powerful paradigm with the Unfranchise and Social Shopping.  This is however an interesting read, and quite an honor for our company. We are positioned perfectly for success in the digital age, and we are changing the way people shop!


Check out the PDF below, as well as this LINK for further information.

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