In the News: Market America Products Featured in Prime Magazine

The Market Singapore team just shared some incredible new media coverage with us which I feel everyone can utilize to grow their business! Prime Magazine in Singapore is running a feature with Dr. Deedra Mason along with highlighting the benefits of Isotonix and TLS Trim Tea. The cool part is Prime is a partner store so UFO’s can fuel their Shopping Annuity when you buy your copy – we’ll even have copies available for sale at the upcoming Market Singapore Product Symposium as well.

This is absolutely tremendous exposure for our brands and business in Singapore and is the perfect type of press coverage to share with your contacts. The additional benefit of being featured in a publication like Prime is the fact that new people will ultimately learn about our life-changing business!

You can capitalize on this media coverage yourself by sharing this with contacts and sparking a conversation about our products and business. I’ve included below an excerpt from the article which shows the feature – and as you can see this is a great two page spread which highlights some incredible Market America products. Great job by Dr. Dee, Dennis Franks, Peter Gold, and the Market Singapore Team for helping make this happen. Now it’s up to UnFranchise Owners to share this powerful content!

Keep Growing!

-JR Ridinger



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