Health Update: Loren’s Successful Surgery

Loren and I had a very important day as she went in for a colon procedure to remove the remains of a large polyp from a recent colonoscopy. About a month ago Loren went in for a routine checkup when several polyps were discovered. That day turned into a nightmare but ultimately it resulted in a greater blessing. After that initial colonoscopy Loren had some internal bleeding and had to be hospitalized and that lead us to an incredible colon/rectal specialist, Dr. Alex KY- one of the best in world!

Fortunately Loren’s polyps were benign but they had to do cleanup work and get the rest of the base of the larger one out of the colon wall. Although the polyp was benign it was a type that turns cancerous over a year or two so we needed to get it out. Colon cancer is totally curable if found early or before it becomes cancerous. Insurance typically recommends and pays for it at 50 but Loren is in her forty’s (and looks 30’s) and is very proactive about her health – and in this case that was a huge blessing!

The point is having it checked earlier can save your life – and that’s the entire reason Loren and I are sharing her experiences with this. We hope it will motivate others to get this checked out for themselves! Right now Loren is all done with the procedure (recovering well) and it went perfectly. Her colon looks healthy and after the biopsy we will signal the green light, but it looks like they got it all. God smiled on us today as Loren will be around for a long time making people happy and giving me and others ORDERS! LOL! I love you so much baby and am so proud for sharing your story with others and for the courageous was you faced this scary situation!

Keep Growing and Be Proactive about your health like Loren!

-JR Ridinger