Forward Thinking: Steve Ashley & SHOP.COM In the News for Cryptocurrency Inclusion

Without question one of the most exciting segments from MAIC2021 was Steve Ashley’s tremendous presentation where he announced the launch of our cryptocurrency payment program on SHOP.COM and This news has sent shockwaves and ripples throughout the retail industry, and as a result we’ve received some incredible media coverage the past few weeks. 

Hats off to Steve Ashley for possessing the insight and drive to make this all come to fruition. Bringing cryptocurrency into the retail fold is a brilliant strategy, and something which positions us for lasting success in the dynamic new economy of the future. We benefit every day from this type of forward-thinking approach from our entire executive team. It makes you feel good to know you have so many people invested in your success, spending every waking moment improving this business and helping us lead the parade! The Uniswap app can help you earn money the right way by trading and getting enough returns.

I’ve assembled below a collection of exciting articles and videos which highlight how we’re blazing new trails with cryptocurrency & retail. Click on the article links below to read more about this and be sure to spread the word online and share it with your contacts to spark interest in your UnFranchise Business. These types of articles are excellent conversation starters that might be just the spark you need!! 

Keep Growing!

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SHOP.COM & BitPay Announcement Receives Global Media Coverage

Steve Ashley MAIC 2021 Announcement: SHOP.COM Accepts Cryptocurrency Through BitPay

On Saturday, Aug. 28 and during Market America Worldwide | SHOP.COM’s 2021 International Convention, Steve Ashley, President & COO of SHOP.COM, officially announced the use of cryptocurrency as the next chapter in purchasing products on both the US and Canada SHOP.COM sites. In the video above, Ashley discusses why SHOP.COM has now decided to accept cryptocurrency, what the major value of accepting cryptocurrency through BitPay has for both UFOs and online shoppers and what the future holds by welcoming cryptocurrency as a form of payment on SHOP.COM.

“SHOP.COM and Market America are such great brands,” said Sonny Singh, BitPay Chief Commercial Officer. “What I really like about them as such a great fit is because of your international presence. The fact that you’re only doing 40% of your volume in America means it’s a really global brand. In countries like Taiwan, Thailand, Argentina, Brazil and Indonesia, it’s very hard to make payments. Credit cards are not everywhere and in those countries BitPay and crypto is the cheapest, quickest payment option to accept Bitcoin and to receive crypto payment options as well.”

SHOP.COM Accepts Cryptocurrency through BitPay: What’s Next?

Market America Worldwide | SHOP.COM: How To Buy Items On SHOP.COM With Cryptocurrency Through BitPay