March 16th, 2018

Doing Our Part: Market Taiwan Joins The Million Trees Project

Our business isn’t just about helping people build a successful UnFranchise, it’s about making a difference on a global scale and helping build a better future for everyone. We normally think of this in terms of helping build a new economy of the future which helps people create residual income – but there are many other ways we can make a difference as a company. In fact, our Market Taiwan team is taking part in a very special initiative in Taiwan to help plant the seeds of hope for environmental protection – The Million Trees Project.

The Million Trees Project is an incredible forestation effort in Taiwan with a goal of planting new trees while also conserving existing forests. Market Taiwan | SHOP.COM and the Forestry Bureau held a special tree planting event on Mar. 14 at public forest land No. 50 in Pin-lin, New Taipei City to kick off the Million Trees Project, in which Market Taiwan funded the forestation of public forest lands to promote environmental protection. It makes me so proud to know that our company is doing much more than providing a powerful economic opportunity – we are also doing our part to help the environment!

Market Taiwan donated a total of NT$10 million to help the forestation of 14 pieces of public forest land in Wen-shan, Pu-li, Luan-ta, Shui-li County, Chung-liao and Yu-chi County. A total of 26 hectares of public forest land will be planted with 45,000 Taiwan’s native trees such as beech, acacia, evergreen ash, ring-cupped oak, sakaki, red machilus and Formosan gum. You can read more about this amazing project in our official press release, CLICK HERE to access it. Here’s a quick list of the media hits we’ve received so far for this project, in case you’ll like to share these as well:

In the meantime, have a look below at these great pictures showing the incredible tree planting efforts of the Market Taiwan Team along with some great quotes from Market Taiwan Country Manager Claire Ni, and Market America Asia Pacific Regional Director Anthony Kwan. I thank everyone involved in this amazing project and I hope their actions inspire everyone to think more about the environment and consider the different ways you can get involved too! We can all make a difference – and the Market Taiwan team is living proof of this! Way to go team!

Keep Growing!
-JR Ridinger


“Market Taiwan | SHOP.COM and our members are all very active in performing corporate social responsibility.” We are excited to cooperate with the Forestry Bureau to launch the ‘Million Trees Project’ in order to promote forestation and environmental protection. We hope that with the efforts from both public and private sectors, the program will create a diverse ecosystem in these areas, increase forest’s ability to combat climate changes and raise awareness of the benefits of forestation and carbon footprint reduction. The meaning is significant. We hope we can bring some influence in terms of corporate social responsibility and contribute to the goal of making forestation efforts from the private sector.”Claire Ni, Market Taiwan Country Manager


“Market America | SHOP.COM has the belief of giving back to the society while making profits. Private companies should shoulder more social responsibilities and help achieve the goal of economic, environmental and social sustainability. Rapid climate changes have caused a considerable level of damage to the ecological system. How to strike a proper balance between development and conservation has become a pressing task that the world faces. With the Million Trees Project, we hope we can inspire other companies and people to participate in this cause and build a green Taiwan together.” – Anthony Kwan, Market America Asia Pacific Regional Director and Market Hong Kong Country Manager


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