March 24th, 2020

Bill Gates Shares His Insights Regarding Potential Coronavirus Recovery

UFO Worldwide Teams:

I found a great article to read and share on potential recovery by Bill Gates, which you can view here on

This article is one of those worth reading and feeding your mind with and sharing with others.  The fact is we can recover from this as a country quickly because of the strong economy, the entrepreneurial nature of our country, the ingenuity of our people, and the ability not to have a total shut down because people can work from home and SHOULD!  As Bill Gates states the recovery and return to normal largely depends on YOU and the rest of Americans as well as the Government working together to stop the growth curve and bring it to a standstill.  Testing is beginning and expanding and so are drugs to mitigate and a possible vaccine is under development and testing.  But this is all for naught if people do not social distance, sanitize, and be vigilant about isolation and self-quarantine as well as supporting the government mandated or recommendations. Do not get exposed to delivery people, stores, or people from the outside without taking precautions and protective measures.  There is a plethora of credible, medical or scientifically valid  information  on line and in the news about how NOT to be exposed or to catch the virus,  Your job is to NOT to catch it and all of our Jobs not to allow people to carry it or spread it.  Be vigilant.  If you don’t believe me – listen to Bill Gates. as he himself says here it is the key to a quick recovery.  People should be doing this because they WANT to not because they have to or are ordered to and forced.   As if this date there is no “Marshall law proposal in the table in Washington and it isn’t going to happen of Americans pull together. It is equivalent to war time initiatives and cause, so treat it as such to win and to win more quickly.   It is all about winning.

 As we discussed on the Zoom call I was on the other night about the opportunity and possibilities at hand in the problem envelope.  You are at an extreme advantage because of internet marketing and on line shopping company and can operate and serve customers and people AND because of RESIDUAL INCCOME that keeps coming in as long as we keep the IT and Internet platform up and the fulfillment center running which Marc Ashley  and the executive and associate work teams are doing a stellar job at and we all owe them a big thanks as they are heroes. 

We, including YOU, are lucky or fortunate that we can still work in fact can grow!  Count your blessings!

But those who have built an organization and customer base have an ongoing income that comes from what they built once in the past (over months or years) – continues to pay weekly month after monthly. and year after year.  That is the most powerful feature and dynamic of our business with the UnFranchise and MPCP. It produces and is all about RESIDUAL INCOME.  I will be speaking on it and the power of it and how you can use it to do the Evaluation Approach leading to Evaluations or preview/overviews into trial Runs.  This natural process unpressured activity can give people an offer to good to refuse where they could possibly get some residual income if they lead to the right people who lead to the right people. You can get people’s attention with it and it is a great conversation piece – especially right now.  It is a wakeup call and people will listen now……AND YOU HAVE A CAPTIVE AUDIENCE!  People have nowhere to go and are willing to watch videos, listen to and see presentations, or participate in zoom, skype, or other online sharing digital platform.

That reality is that things can back bounce faster than many people realize.

This article by Bill Gates is a more balanced and insightful observation and possible predictions if everyone does their part.  Maybe this is something good to share with your teams? Open it read it and share it.  It is another great conversation piece to lead to the products (sanitation, immune, endurance, health, online shopping, SA products and Super IBV) as well as the home-Based Business UnFranchise business.

Let me know what you think. DO something today to help yourself, then others and your customers, friends, your team and others who need a residual income and living security!  Share with me what you are doing and your breakthroughs, progress and triumphs.

Keep Growing!

JR Ridinger

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