SHOP.COM Celebrates our Presence in China & Tmall Partnership with Grand Opening Event

Team, I have some tremendous news to share with you which will have a direct impact on the success of UnFranchise Owners around the world. Today we’re celebrating our presence in China and our partnership with ecommerce juggernaut Tmall with a special Grand Opening event! Our strategic alignment with Tmall is a huge windfall for our company as well as individual UnFranchise Owners, because we can now tap into the second largest economy in the world with nearly 1.4 billion consumers!!! 

Our partner in this exciting endeavor, Tmall Global, is owned by Alibaba and is the largest ecommerce platform in China – serving well over 500 million customers – and we all have a piece of that! Tmall represents a staggering 61.5% share of China’s B2C ecommerce market, which means that not only does our company have a strong foothold in China, but our UnFranchise Owners do as well! This exciting partnership gives us access to millions of Chinese shoppers which can help the UnFranchise flourish on a truly global scale like never before.

Our exclusive Market America-branded products are already a hit around the world – and now consumers in China will have access to them as well, while UnFranchise Owners are able to tap into their massive collective buying power! UnFranchise Owners stand to gain some awesome new customers in China! American products are already considered to be premium in Asia, and I know the Chinese market will love our world-class product lines! Talk about a boost for your BV!!!! You can check out our brand new Tmall Global storefront on the Tmall App by going to or use the QR code below!

With the launch of this new channel for reaching consumers in the China market, it’s helpful to outline how this all will work for you as an UnFranchise Owner and what are the opportunities.  The process is very simple.  If you have customers in China that have already been purchasing from your site, we will credit you with 100% of the BV for all orders that those customers place on our Tmall Global store, using the matching technology we use for other marketplaces like Amazon and eBay.  Due to the higher operating costs on Tmall Global, we can only credit BV for the order, since there is no retail profit to offer, however, our strategy on Tmall Global will also include a strong investment in marketing to attract new customers, which we will be assigning out to UnFranchise Owners that are active in building a customer base in China (we are working on the exact specifics of eligibility for receiving customers, more details to come soon).  In addition, we will be creating tools to help you build your own customer base in China who will be directly associated with you.

Our partnership with Tmall Global represents a new era for our company as we have an official presence in China! These are truly exciting times to be an UnFranchise Owner, as we tap into the incredibly robust Chinese ecommerce market! This is a huge day for our company and represents immense opportunities for future growth in Asia. A special thank you to everyone who helped make this incredible partnership a reality!!! I’ve always felt that the UnFranchise is such a powerful global economic apparatus because it has the ability to unite the world economically – and we’ve just taken a huge step toward fulfilling that goal. Congratulations to our ever-growing UnFranchise Family! Welcome to China!

Keep Growing!
-JR Ridinger