Important Transition for Market España

Attention Market España Team! We have a very special announcement for you regarding a revision to the operations strategy for Market España. After careful evaluation and review of the past four years in Spain, the company identified several trends that indicate we need to rethink our growth and development strategy for Market España.

Currently, a high percentage of UnFranchise® Owners (UFOs) in Spain purchase the company’s exclusive products from their SHOP Global site (GLOBAL.SHOP.COM). Operating expenses for Market España are high compared to the sale of products inventoried in Spain. We were forced to discard product that had reached its expiration date. It only made sense to move to a system where we could provide the best variety of products and be consistent with supply.

Effective May 4, 2018, Market España will transition to an Emerging Markets Program (EMP) country. In so doing, the company will be able to offer the convenience and variety of our products ordered through SHOP Global.

The Emerging Markets Program still offers the Management Performance Compensation Plan (MPCP), the most realistic and lucrative compensation plan available today. With Spain as an EMP country, UFOs there can earn retail profits through online sales from SHOP Global and also have the ability to personally sponsor other UnFranchise Owners in Spain and the United Kingdom.

The major difference will be that your future retail sales in Spain will be conducted through your SHOP Global account. Please allow 7 to 14 business days for your orders to arrive. You will need to plan your strategies as you introduce new customers to exclusive Market America brands. In addition, it is best to look to your sponsor and senior UFO leaders in your line for ongoing trainings and business-building questions.

You will also notice your site will now Your UnFranchise ID, RepID and Personal Preferred Customer number will remain the same; however, you will have to reset your monthly UnFranchise AutoShip order. Your current AutoShip will no longer be pulled, so you will have to reset your AutoShip through your new site.

If you are currently an UnFranchise Owner living in the Canary Islands, Market America will no longer be able to service your account as an UnFranchise Owner. This is because of the specific regulations that govern business in the Canary Islands.

While Market America Worldwide will not have an office in Madrid, we will provide strong UnFranchise Services through our world headquarters in Greensboro, N.C., USA. The company will maintain its Market España staff for 30 days from the date of this announcement to support and answer any questions you may have. It is important that you communicate and consult on business-building questions with your sponsor and senior UnFranchise Business leadership team. They will be your best resource.

Business decisions are not always easy decisions to make. However, the hard decisions are necessary to succeed in accomplishing the mission. Making this transition will allow us to continue to grow in Spain, while the company can strategically position itself to reintroduce Market España as an official market country in the future.

We recommend the following plan of action for those of you who believe in our vision to create the economy of the future by converting spending into earning:

  • Take the time to introduce to your existing Preferred Customers your SHOP Global website and share with them how to order their favorite Market America products.
  • If you have a team of UnFranchise Owners with whom you are currently working, or if you are networking with cross-line UnFranchise Owners, organize a biweekly time to get together to discuss product knowledge and business-building strategies.
  • Continue to focus on the tasks and activities outlined in the Getting Started Guide and strive to become and remain a Master UnFranchise Owner.

The result-producing activities to ensure success don’t change with this transition, and the company will provide a complete overview of the EMP marketing plan in the next two weeks with details on how you can most effectively and efficiently develop your business and maximize your profits. Business support materials and tools will soon be available to make it easy for you to share the EMP MPCP with your prospects. You will have a number of EMP sales and product-support tools under “Downloads” on your UnFranchise Business Account.

For additional information, plan with your team to attend the big events in the United Kingdom, including the inaugural Regional Convention in Hertfordshire June 9–10. It will be a great way to build belief and leadership within your team.

You can and should continue to sell and share exclusive Market America products and share the business. Be sure to review which products you are currently selling to existing customers. We strongly recommend you purchase our products still available from the Market España warehouse prior to the transition date. Keeping some extra inventory will help you maintain your existing customer base as you transition them to ordering online from your SHOP Global site.

Above all, maintain a positive attitude, because change represents opportunity! Market America Worldwide will be observing those UnFranchise Owners who identify themselves as the future leaders in Spain for the future Market España.