January 23rd, 2017

Business Building in the UK with Don Martin and the Shopping Annuity

Everyone needs to take a moment read this amazing message from Don Martin as he wraps up a tremendous business building trip to the United Kingdom. I hope it makes you understand what I have been talking about regarding the Shopping Annuity revolution being bigger than me because others like Don are making the mission their own and it is multiplying exponentially beyond what I could ever control if I wanted to. It is bigger than me or my closest team.  It is about to go out of control (spreading virally) but with commitment and belief and long term vision.

Thanks to Don Martin for sharing this with us. You are starting to sound like you know something for certain or sound like me. You see the truth and reality of  this first hand experientially as well as intellectually and how people respond to it and what actually happens when UFO’s do it. That is not only proof of concept but cements the reality beyond belief to a level of knowing and that makes you invincible.

You are an early adopter that will take you to the very top like it did in Volume 1 for those like Frank Keefer, Pam and Tony Bowling, Elizabeth Weber, and others before it was proven and before they made 300K to millions per year!  You are in store for an incredible rocket blast-off in Volume 2 of Market America, SHOP.COM and UnFranchise with the Shopping Annuity, GMTSS, and global unification resulting in unprecedented growth. You got all three working together which is MPCP (cubed—to the 3rd power)!

Congratulations! I am sharing this because I have to. I believe in you!

Keep Growing!

-JR Ridinger


Message from Don Martin:

I’m fresh back from a road trip that consisted of the SA and GMTSS summit in Miami with you and the team followed by my week trip to the U.K. and I gotta tell you I have never been near as excited about what is happening as I am now!  I’m simply overflowing with pride and passion about the GMTSS, the Shopping annuity and the impact on a global community we now can attain!  We have arrived!!!!    I don’t know how many people see it, but I freakin see it clear as day!  We will and already are absolutely going to change the world together as a global force and movement!  We truly are all crusaders giving consumers the power back because they are the real force in an economy.  It’s their dollars that create demand and they should be the ones being compensated for it and that is exactly what the shopping annuity does.  Anyway, here is some feedback and news I wanted to share with you that I’m sure you will enjoy…


Firstly, the GMTSS summit.

It is so refreshing to hear the redirection of the GMTSS back to the way it was when It flourished the most, but with a modern twist to make it better than ever before and a way to focus in expanding the GMTSS reach globally making it easier to achieve rule number 1 (making the maximum amount of income in the mpcp) for everyone in the company!  Inspiring new meetings to emerge and awarding those who choose to lead it up where there is currently UnFranchise owners in the area, as well as new growth markets where the GMTSS influence can change the game for everyone as they grow in them.  All fueled by fundamental entrepreneurial values and meeting coordinators who are leading by example and doing what it takes to lead the charge in the business.  This is how an army of entrepreneurs work best for sure. I’m already seeing the culture shift and more and more people willing to step up and be a part of enhancing and growing the GMTSS.  It’s like a rebirth.

Secondly, the SA summit with the ambassadors. Bottom line, is changing the world.  Economic and political climate, people are realizing that they have more power than ever before because of technology.  What he actually puts the money back where it belongs, in the people’s hands who create the business through their word-of-mouth and viral marketing efforts.  Cannot have a conversation without bringing up the Shopping Annuity and in every single situation the other people that I’m speaking with are always intrigued and right by the concept of converting spending into earning! It’s simply a matter of helping more people become SA evangelists and seeing the SA become a product in and of itself.  Man, how powerful of a future is in store.

Third, the global expansion across the U.K. Onward to the rest of the world from this trip I just returned from.  I experienced the absolute most incredible trip over to the UK that I ever have.  We were in a home multiple times per day, every day, and everyone was simply getting it.  We have leaders emerging and taking the driver’s seat. They not only realized that they can change their own community with a Shopping Annuity, but they can change their country and influence the rest of the world.  As a team, we are Initiating the process toward establishing small GMTSS meetings all across the U.K. so less travel is needed to attend meetings for U.K. UnFranchise owners.  That will help so much in creating the ground swell across the U.K. That we knew could happen all along.  It’s happening now.  And to top it off, we had an awesome training with our team and a few others who joined with us and shared some excitement I haven’t seen there yet. We finally initiated Power referral networking to find people through the UK team not only around the U.K. But around the world through social media and they are finding people to zipper back and forth between the US and also back and Forth with Australia!  Man it’s exciting to see and people from these markets are rising to the top. Finally we have over 20 people coming from the U.K. To world conference.  Just during my trip we got 8 more committed.  They will go back with a fire they have never felt before I’m sure.  Check out the pics below. I’m so pumped.  Enjoy. Have an awesome weekend and see you in Miami!


Don Martin



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