Build and Grow: Working with our Teams in the UK

This week Loren and I are in the United Kingdom to host some crucial business building meetings as we work with the teams here to gameplan and strategize for 2019. This has been an incredible trip right before World Conference and has really reenergized us along with the teams we’re working with. It’s always a thrill coming to the UK like this because in so many ways it reminds Loren and I of when we first built the business in the United States.

There’s so much excitement and anticipation – and we can’t wait to work with even more people here as we host a UBP tomorrow at the Market United Kingdom offices. In the meantime, we’ve been hosting smaller meetings and imprinting success like geese flying in the binary formation! It’s all about working together, planning for World Conference and helping everyone hit new UFO levels! This is how we make it happen!

Keep Growing!

-JR Ridinger




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