November 4th, 2013

The Heart of a Champion: Duane McLaughlin

As many of you know, my son in-law Duane McLaughlin competed in Sunday’s NYC Marathon to help raise funds for a great group of kids, and I couldn’t be more proud of him. The New York City marathon is a spectacle of human achievement, perseverance, discipline, drive, desire, positive attitude, and success. To finish is this grueling race is a major accomplishment, but running over 26 miles at a pace of 10-minute miles is absolutely mind-boggling!

I am amazed, inspired and humbled as I watched the race and shared that special finish with our family along with Alicia Keys (Cole is her little brother), Swizz Beatz and the kids – and it was amazing! Reminds me of Alicia’s song New York and the people who strive to succeed in many ways. Duane and Cole ran the entire 26 miles together side by side and finished ahead of nearly half of the 48,000 runners. Everyone who crossed that finish line was a true winner!

In many ways it is like the business – everyone who finishes wins! I can’t help but think that if 48,000 plus people come to NYC and finish a marathon (considering what it takes) we can certainly fill an arena with 23,000 people who finished the 2 to 3 year plan as #Unfranchise owners and earn 200k in residual income! The parallels of endurance, preparation, perseverance, goal setting, motivation, and belief are compelling! Congratulations Cole and Duane! We are so proud of you both!

Enjoy these pictures from the NYC Marathon!

Keep Growing!

-JR Ridinger


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