#MAIC2016: Day Three In Photos

We’ve had three amazing days at #MAIC2016 – filled with amazing presentations, stories, information, new products, and testimonials that share the life-changing power of the UnFranchise. Below you’ll find some pictures from Day Three of #MAIC2016 which you can use and share with your contacts. Sharing these pics on your social media channels, emails, or blogs is a great way to spark a conversation about your business and can be an easy way to help with recruiting new people into your organization. Enjoy the pictures!

Keep Growing!

-JR Ridinger

Amber Marty Duane Amber with #LDV Amber-Duane-Marty-DNA Andrew W. Day 3 Arena 2-Day 3 Arena 3 Arena 4 Arena-Day 3 Crowd phone photo Day 3 Crowd 1 Day 3 Crowd 2 Day 3 Crowd 4 Day 3 Crowd 5 Day 3 Crowd 6 Day 3 Crowd 7 Day 3 Crowd 8 Day 3 Crowd 9 Day 3 Crowd 10 Duane and Amber with DNA box Duane and Amber-2 Duane Marty Amber on Stage JR 2-Day 3 JR 3 Day 3 JR-Day 3 Loren & Bobby Loren and Bobby Loren and Duane in Booth Loren taking photo Loren with #LDV Loren-Elizabeth W Loren-Trina Marc Ashley 2 Day 3 Marc Ashley 3 Day 3 Marc Ashley 4 Day 3 Marc Ashley Day 3 Marty on Stage SNAP Marty W. Marty-Snap Motives Product 1 Motives Product 2 Motives Product 3 Motives Product 4 My Why Sign Power Profile-Rogers Power Profile-Trina Team Canada