January 30th, 2012

World Conference is Upon Us!

The week we have all been waiting for has finally arrived! It’s time for the 2012 Market America World Conference! The best use of your time is getting people there – so let’s make one last sprint and contact prospects and people in your organization you want there. It is the only short cut to success. Timing is everything and the time is NOW!


Our team is putting the final touches on what will be a historic World Conference.  We are looking forward to seeing you all in Miami…


I have attached an agenda for your reference.  It is never too late to get someone new to the event!  Remember, one new person exposed to our business, our people, our products, our technology and the collective positive energy of over 20,000 inspired entrepreneurs can make all the difference in your UnFranchise business!


Working toward getting additional people to the conference is the most productive activity you can do right now!  With the integration of Shop.com technologies, new product releases and new tools, this will be the most powerful event in the history of the company with so much information to help take your business to another level.


At this year’s World Conference, not only will you be introduced to all of the new products, systems, technologies and advancements, but you will also learn how to build your business bigger, faster, better, and easier by merging the new technology with the same basic fundamental tasks and activities that have remained the same for 20 years.  The business has always and will always come down to performing the Basic 5 and the result producing activities (selling the products, selling the business, and selling tickets).


You will learn all about our newest technologies, applications, tools and products.  You will understand how SHOP.COM continues to advance as we complete the second phase of our integration.  Make your plans to be at this historic World Conference!


February 2-4, 2012

American Airlines Arena, Miami, FL

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