August 8th, 2018

Welcome to the 2018 Market America International Convention

Welcome to the 2018 Market America International Convention!!! Our entire corporate team is so excited to share our latest and greatest advancements and discuss the strategies and tactics which will help UnFranchise Owners across the globe build lasting success with the UnFranchise. This event promises to be a learning opportunity unlike any other as we continue to uberize the Shopping Annuity and make this life-changing business even more powerful and accessible to entrepreneurs all over the world.

By attending this event in person with your team, you’ve taken the next crucial step in your evolution as an entrepreneur. The next phase comes when you apply what you learn here this week to establish massive, ongoing success with the UnFranchise. This business has the propensity to change your life and help you leverage the new economic paradigm where you’re part of the profit margin – but you have to apply what you learn here this week to make it happen!

I urge everyone to take great notes this week and really pay attention to what we teach on stage because it will have a direct impact on the growth and success of your UnFranchise Business this year. You’re a key part in all of this, and your input has already been instrumental in the development of new Shopping Annuity Brand products that will take our business to new heights. The more connected and involved with the business you are, the more success you’ll experience!

You’ll often hear us refer to events like International Convention and World Conference as the only shortcuts to success. That’s because there’s absolutely no substitute for being here and learning from the best in the business with your entire team. Your path to success becomes so much clearer and more illuminated by attending events like this, and by applying what you learn here. Make this week count and use it as a springboard for massive success in 2018!

Keep Growing!
-JR Ridinger


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