February 20th, 2018

Tremendous Feedback from #MAWC2018

The feedback we’ve received from the 2018 Market America World Conference has been absolutely incredible, and I’d like to share with you a great collection of comments and emails we received in the days and weeks since #MAWC2018. It’s always a thrill for me to see what my UnFranchise family gets out of our events and learning about your experiences and magic moments makes it an even more memorable event for me. Enjoy the comments below and feel free to add a comment of your own and tell me about your experiences at #MAWC2018. Getting your feedback is a crucial part of our process for delivering bigger and better events – so I welcome your input and thoughts!

Keep Growing!

-JR Ridinger


  • Lynn Ingrassia Wasik You have an AMAZING daughter…as is your wife too!! You hit the jackpot with these two (and their families)…
  • Campbell Chang Thank you, JR, as always for the inspiration, the irritation and the drive to push forward.
  • Marie House Thank you. It was amazing. You are amazing.
  • Marquita Auffenberg‪ Fantastic weekend JR & Loren!
  • DeeDee Miller Thank you JR, it was awesome
  • Tammy O’Hara‪ What I loved the most was feeling that you are genuinely concerned about everyone especially those of us that are a part of MA. You are trying to make the world a better place!
  • Ann Usherwood-Bittner My highlight if MAWC…..no excuses!!! We have everything you need on our site, everyone needs to be blessed by us!!!!! Thank you Market America founders and dream team!!!
  • Tereza Jaya‪ Last year at Miami I was so excited and I bought 10 tickets to NC .. when I got home the next weekend I got sick and was in bed for many months and I had some severe depression because of what happened and I ate 6 of my tickets .. This year at Miami Loren’s speech was so amazing that she inspired me to buy my 3 tickets and I got to meet Loren Ridinger and Marc Ashley and I got to share with them my story and they gave me 3 more tickets !!! When got to this convention I was praying to god to help see get an answer for me to continue with this business .. one the very first day I won a ticket at the DNA booth and I got my answer .. thank you so much for giving this girl a chance of making it I love you JR Ridinger you are truly an amazing person and you are Changing the world ‪🌎 2 by 2 by 2
  • Kim White‪ You must put in work to make it work. Face your fears for they will make you stronger and help you become a hopeless success. Define your WHY! It must be big enough to make you overcome all of your uncomfortable obstacles‪❣ Thank you JR Ridinger, Loren Ridinger and all of the Corporate team for your endurance, patience, knowledge and dedication!
  • Sonia Lopes Focus on your goal…on your destination;
    If you Fear it…you haven’t done it enough (that translates into PHONE CALLS for me)!
  • Carol Putt My favorite moment was our stage debut for #TrimTea. I have shrunk from a size 12 down to a 4 in less than 2 months!!!!! That & the momentum we have from overcoming our fear of “popping the question” as Elizabeth said in the #shoppingannuitypresentation at the #shoppingannuity booth where we volunteered on Saturday have worked! Thanks for the brain-spanking to just do it. The deathbed skit was priceless!
  • Marie House How I was terrified at your closing segment. We need you. I hope you and Loren are drinking a bottle of OPC3 and Aloe every day. Both of you.
  • Tanya Dorsey‪ I absolutely love the story about the Dash ‪💋‪💋
  • Roland Goulet‪ True to their word we believe when you guys say your going to do something it WILL HAPPEN. The shopping annuity will change the world ‪🌎 and I’m going to help make it happen!
  • Martha Tello Rosser I’ve been coming to our events for our amazing company for about 4 years and it never disappoints!!! A lil play … work work work learn learn learn no sleep and a lil more play!!! Enjoy Miami before I head home to the my babies that I’m Missing BUNCHES!!! Thank You JR Ridingerand Loren Ridinger for creating a platform that allows us to create time and financial freedom!!! #motivescosmetics #ma #conquer #MAWC2018
  • Donna Farrell Hoy *Long but read* 💪🏻💙 Five years ago today on Monday February 4th, 2013, I received the first few hundred dollars of my very first commission check because of my decision to own a Shopping Annuity business back then. I actually bought my husband a really nice gas grill with that very first check. ☺ I considered that paper check the best paycheck I have ever received in my entire career of schooling, college, and all of my J.O.B.s combined. It simply proved to me that this brilliant, unique concept of financially linking the spent monies of households and businesses together to benefit everyone actually freaking worked!!
Fast forward 5+ years, with thousands of dollars direct deposited in commissions, and meeting hundreds of the most beautiful, positive, inspiring, forward thinking, loving people I have ever known in my whole life have all come to fruition for me. 
This past month and future months ahead, while I need to slow down just a bit to recover and heal, all these wonderful support systems and connections from the past 5+ years, who I did not know one bit back then, are all here to help me at the drop of a hat if I ask them. 
To top it off, I am still getting direct deposits while I sit home now and really do not much but rest and heal and
order household necessities online to be delivered to me!! 😂
Have a financial Plan B in place BEFORE you ever dream you’d need one. Even if you think it’ll never work, or you think it’s dumb or hoaky, or you think your ‘boss’ will understand your unforeseen dilemma and will give you tons of time off, your future self will be SO very grateful and thankful to you for taking a leap of faith,
believing, and trusting in something you really know nothing about. 
I am so grateful to JR Ridinger and Loren Ridinger for giving birth to this unique concept when barely anyone believed in them 25 years ago that this concept would ever work in a million years. 
They did not give up nor let anyone steal their dreams!!
I am also SO blessed that this concept was first introduced to me personally by Carl T Eklund and Jodi Easton almost 6 years ago and I believed in the concept and leapt in fully. 
I love you all and will be back to 100% as soon as I possibly can, sharing this concept to anyone with an open ear and open mindset. 💕 
I will see you all at #MAIC2018!! 
  • Vicente Favela This woman right here… Loren Ridinger is one of the most influential women (Vogue- Voguemagazine voted top 100 women, DesignMantic 20 Most Motivational Entrepreneurs Who Inspired Us in 2017) and she still keeps close to her people. With everything she does and so much going on, it’s all from the heart and no doubt we can all tell. I just can’t get over how passionate she is about making sure nothing gets in the way of her people and the vision JR Ridinger and her had and are making a reality. #changinglives #integrity #influencer #powerhouse #MAWC2018 #Miami#dontmesswithher Motives by Loren Ridinger Market America COM
  • Karla Green My first experience was AMAZING! Thank you for sharing your story! #TheonlyonethatcangiveyouaprognosisIsGodandYou#IwilltomyFaithandnotmyFear
  • Shauntai Stowers I concur, Lauren Loren Ridinger and JR Ridingerwere destined to become as One… Their love for each other, their family, their passion and Vision to help others is a Game Changer.. Most of all, I love that they give credit to God for allowing them toopportunity. They could have thrown in the towel after all the ups n downs they have encountered, but they didn’t, it only made them Stronger!!! Congrats to a Dynamic Power Couple!!!!
  • Jodi Easton I am who I am… overflowing with love and full of passion, integrity, creativity, empathy, strength, wisdom and courage….blessed with so much from our creator and happy to pay forward my gifts…. a student to this life, a teacher to those who are open to growth, a mentor to those who follow, screw those who do not wish to hear my voice or appreciate my soul… I did not ask for your permission to be me…my soul is not jaded nor will it be jailed by your limitations… 
my soul seeks love, purity and truth and will always fly free towards love and will choose happiness no matter what! ❤
I do what I do out of the purest of intensions… 🌹
do not mistake my kindness for weakness as I am as strong as they come 💪🏼
I require NO validation…. 
I make NO apologies and need NO permission to be true to myself and honor my feelings!!!! I will protect those I love with my life and honor those cherished few with my whole heart….Thanks be to God for making me… ME… He did not give me such strong will, such profound intuition or this intense inner guide to be silenced… I honor you and my gifts by using them and always sharing what I’ve learned! Although some wisdom will fall on deaf or even self-righteous ears, it comes from a vibrant and pure heart…. I am secure in myself…I am confident in my abilities…I am happy being me… I am grateful for all that I am and all that is left to come…👍The future has never been brighter😎 This is my truth 🌷Thank you JR Ridinger for your simple but profound post and to both you and Loren Ridinger for another wonderful, inspiring conference!! We hear your voice and appreciate your intentions!!! 😘
  • Valerie Waicunas Martin Wow what an amazing world conference #mawc2018. Grateful and blessed are we to be part of a huge paradigm shift. With the only company that has won the BBB Torch award twice in 2013, but as well as this yr. 2018 for Integrity & Ethics. No other business has ever done that in the history of business. So love changing the world one person at a time. It’s time to get on that invisible train, it’s leaving with or without you. Thank you Loren & JR Ridinger for all you do on every level !!! Thank you to all our leaders, mentors & corporate team who help make this all possible for the average person to really change their reality for the better & pay it forward. Ever so proud to be a part of this forward thinking & heart felt company! 🙌🙏🏻❤✝ #marketamerica #samm #shoppingannuity #soblessed
  • Tracy Connor Such an amazing world conference,. So grateful and blessed I am part of a huge paradigm shift. With a company of integrity we won the BBB Torch award for not only 2013, but as well as 2018! No other business had ever done that on the history of business. I love changing the world one person at a time. It’s time to get on that invisible train, it’s leaving with or without you. Thank you Loren & JR for all you do!!! I am so proud to be a part of this!!!! @marketamerica @shoppingannuity @mawc2018 @marcashley1 @lorenridinger @jrridinger @tammymoskowitz #mawc2018
  • Tara Repsher Well said! Love them, love this company, and honored to have the opportunity!!! 2018 is the year! Here we go! No more BUTS!
  • Elizabeth Weber-Walliser I’m ready to give it all I have JR! Just watch me!!!!!!
  • Greg Leetch TY, JR and Loren Ridinger, for an incredible event. Both of you delivered well beyond expectations and we know it’s now up to the rest of us. Reprogrammed and ready to roll! “Belief” is an understatement.
  • Bonnie Philo One team one dream!! we love u…thanku for your passion and unwavering belief in us….we all will make it happen.
    no ifs ands or BUTS
  • Kim SheafferJR thanks for ALL you and the others have done for us. We are truly all framily and you are an amazing awe inspiring leader.
  • LaVerne Castillo This blanket means everything to me and my family. Me and my sister made it last year for @duanemclaughlin, @amberridinger and their beautiful children. On it is a piece of my nephews @dnamiracles onesie that he wore before he passed away. It was sewn on to the blanket with a message to remind us that TommyJ is always with us. Since he is no longer here on earth. A piece of him lives on in this blanket forever. We love you Duane and Amber and are blessed to know you both!! #TommyJStory
  • Lufi A. Matā’afa Luteru I am grateful to represent Hawaiʻi at my first convention with our phenomenal company!!! 🙌🏾♥✊🏾♥👏🏾 WE are helping countless people to save money and much much more!! I am proud to be a one of 20,000+ entrepreneurs who came from all over the WORLD to learn and return home to our communities to EDUCATE, ENLIGHTEN and EMPOWER all who are ready to SHOP SMARTER!! 👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾 E kuʻu Hawaiʻi, let me show you how to create your own Shopping Annuity!! 💖💖💖💖 Mahalo nui to our profound leaders, JR Ridinger and Loren Ridinger for creating such a life-changing, revolutionary idea whose time has come! ✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾
  • Aubrey Lueck Clay Day 3! Such an amazing world conference,. So grateful and blessed I am part of a huge paradigm shift. With the BBB won the Torch award for not only 2013, but as well as 2018! No other business had ever done that on the history of business. I love changing the world one person at a time. It’s time to get on that invisible train, it’s leaving with or without you. @marketamerica @shoppingannuity @mawc2018 @marcashley1 @lorenridinger @jrridinger @tammymoskowitz #mawc2018
  • Delene Goode Thank you, Loren and the corporate team for an amazing MAWC201
  • Jon Marketos Its time to get rid of your stinking’ thinking’ – you have to dream big and think big because you’ll never be bigger than your dreams. You can do it! JR Ridinger #MAWC2018
  • Barb Everett What an amazing 4 days in Miami. All Good things don’t have to come to an end. Motivated to share the hope this company offers with those looking for financial and or time freedom. Thank-you JR and Loren and corporate for another life changing experience
  • Kristen Rattanamongkhoune Thank you to everyone who made this weekend so great. The team who keep us going, the leaders who shared their wisdom and experience, the corporate team and speakers who taught us how to take action and what to do, and especially to JR Ridinger for creating this system and pouring out your heart every time you speak. You are all the reason we know we will continue to grow and succeed in this business! We love you all!!
  • Mike Dupont JR, Thank you for an amazing weekend. I look forward to building our business and helping others reach there dreams and goals! Thank for a great evening at your home. It’s beautiful. This photo made my whole weekend thank you for your time!!!
  • Barry Golomb I think the feeling is mutual JR, there is no greater power than people power and when we are all together we are a powerful force! Thank you , Loren, Marc and the entire corporate team for the best WC yet! Many Magic moments for me and my team!
  • Dale Roberts Thank You for a wonderful experience!
  • Renee Klumb Brandt, thank you for a wonderful world conference 2018 this was number 11 for me and every year continues to get better
  • Alan Gardner Thank you. You always open my mind and make it think. Thanks again JR Ridinger. Loren Ridinger.Loren Ridinger
  • Joe McNiff Thank you JR and the entire corporate team for another fantastic event!
  • Bernard Lafleur6 mutual friends Thank you to you and your corporate team in motivating us to reach our dreams. Your farewell presentation was awesome, especially the part about the casket. It puts everything in perspective, in that we are all very mortal. Would love to meet you and Loren some day
  • Cyndi Hogue Thank you for your passion you have to continue to evolve Market America so everyone can achieve their dreams.
  • Linda Gilbert Very emotional ending for me JR.
  • Tammy Moskowitz JR ranks amongst the greatest visionaries of our time, along with Bill Gates, Steve Jobs & Mark Zuckerberg!! He talked about things in 1984 that were years ahead of its time. But now it’s an idea whose has come! #MAWC2018#shoppingannuity #convertspendingintoearning#justmakessense
  • Carrie Roberts Smith I love you. You’re crazy, passionate, hilarious, scary, exciting and inspiring – all traits of a true genius and someone to love and admire. It was so great to see our framily this weekend and be a part of history. I heard and receive every word you said. I get it. It makes sense. Action! 5-4-3-2-1-GO
  • Terry White ND Thank you… amazing. Impacted our partners so much. … i told them to let you know. We appreciate YOU and Loren so much
  • Patty Nice-Palumbo Great great training Yesterday JR! I loved it.
  • Bonnie Hunter‪ Thank you for all you do! ‪❤ The Whole Hunter Family
  • Dorothy Bayford Thank you !! Love and appreciate all you do !!
  • Kahri Phelps Thank you for providing us with an amazing opportunity and mental nourishment.
  • Beth Zerbe Thank you JR and Loren for an amazing weekend and your unconditional support. One Team, One Dream!
  • Michelle Proeto Charland‪ Would never miss all the hard work, passion, information updates and enhancements that you bring to us with every Convention you host. Thank You JR for your biggest heart for working the 45 year plan, so that thousands of us someday won’t have to!! Love your heart and Spirit ‪🙌 God Bless you always ‪❤
  • Donald Scruton Thank you JR for all you do to help us grow are business and for your passion for SHOP.COM Awesome convention and appreciate all that your coporate team did for us. Have a good night and see you in Greensboro in August.
  • Michelle Ferguson We love you JR. Thanks for being you!
  • Dale Roberts Thank you and the corporate team! The passion that all of you have feeds us and gives us a renewed focus. Now it is up to us to take this information and return to our lives keep our brains fill with positive information and thoughts, Identity how we could help everyone the we meet and offer them a better way! Again thank you and Loren for your dedication. If everyone had 1/4 your attitude the dedication, the Room and the streets would be filled with Directors! And I will be one of them!!
  • Mary Sigwart Hollingshead Another amazing Convention! This is my sixth year and they get better & better! I truly appreciate that you give the average person the opportunity to own their own business with the best products & marketing plan. Thank you JR for your love & compassion you have to see me & others succeed! Thank you Loren for fighting for us against all those who were stealing our customers! Totally appreciate both of you, JR & Loren and the whole corporate team!
  • Carol Putt There are no words to express our gratitude for all that you do for us and how much you love us. Mike & I love you & Loren more! Thanks for our business & the #shoppingannuity! Our lives & our business are exploding right now because of your training and #Trimtea.  Roy Gingrich is the best trainer & mentor in MA & he learned it all from you!
  • Bonnie Philo it is us that give praise and thanks to you..TY for yet another memorable glorious evening at Directors Day with our family. We love you all
  • Phillip A Black Thank you for pouring your heart and soul out for everybody. It’s all about BELIEF. We believe and we’re in the wheel barrow but not the coffin.
  • DrBonnie Chudyk‪ Love you and thank you for all you do for us. I will be a Director
  • Kimberly Bowers I felt so inspired!!! I have been working on learning more about manifestation in regards to our business thanks to things I have learned with audios and the books they have suggested. Today was amazing learning from you and the final piece which goes with everything you make st have the action!!!! You and Loren Ridinger have blessed all of so much and I WILL be one of your many DIRECTORs in that arena. I truly believe this.
  • Kim Sheaffer‪ A truly amazing and awe-inspiring weekend. Thank you JR Ridinger, Loren Ridinger and team for your hard work and for the revolution that is upon us. So so blessed to be here at the right time.
  • Tereza Jaya‪ Thank you JR Ridinger for such an amazing event !! Your closing speech was very opening and we don’t know when we will be called back to meet our savior.. my goal is to my the dash the best that I can and to leave a legacy to my children to love other Be kind and be free .. free to choose when we wake up choose where we live and how we live and choose to help others and make a difference Loren Ridinger has made a significant difference in my life when all hope all lost and I no longer had the strength to live she sparked something in me and gave me courage so thank you for choosing her and starting this Compnay and changing my life ‪❤‪❤
  • Rob Klein JR I am so proud to be a part of the revolution you and Loren had the vision and the commitment to make happen for us!! Even more proud that you have the integrity and dedication to continue helping UFOs succeed! Keep up the great work!
  • Marion Jung Keener‪ Thank you so much for a great conference, your never ending hard work, endless dedication and this amazing opportunity!‪❤‪❤
  • Michelle Drew Thank you for yet ANOTHER amazing event. I’m eternally grateful to be a part of this incredible organization!!!!
  • Kim White‪ Thank you for caring for your MA family with such passion and love‪❣Now the UFO’s need to work and take action!
  • Karen Chan Seet I just have to get out of my comfort zone and not let fear deter me.
  • David Kris Redding Thank You JR Ridinger!! Great Conference!!
  • Aubrey Lueck Clay Love u JR!! On a mission to change the world
  • Kam Parker We will play our hand and win!
  • Dave Silva An incredible event! Thank you for all you do!
  • Tracy Connor Thank you for such an amazing weekend and Thank you for never giving up!!!!
  • Al Yentsch Thanks JR RidingerRidinger for an amazing weekend…
    Love you bro….
  • Jack Hammel An amazing and inspiring weekend Thank You for all you have done and do !
  • Mary Hussey‪ Thank u thank u! For the inspiration, aggregation and irritation u guys r amazing!! ‪❤‪❤‪❤‪🎉‪🎉‪🎉 2018 is our year!!
  • Jackie Kotyza AMAZING!!! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!
  • Dorothy Bayford‪ Thank you absolutely lifechanging weekend!!!! See you at Interrnational ‪:) !!!!
  • Jacki Rathbun Blasko‪ Life changing weekend. I am forever grateful!!‪🙏‪😍‪❤‪👏
  • Dee Potts Burgess‪ Thank you JR and Loren Ridinger and all the Corporate Team!!‪❤ awesome event!!
  • Terri Busch Strange Thank you for an awesome training I am in for changing the world with the shopping annuity
  • Maria Gortney‪  Omg amazing thank you JR for your heart
  • Eufemia De La Cruz Yes, I am in to help change the wold…one team<3 one dream!!!
  • Susan Dillahey It was incredible JR & Loren!!!!!!!
  • Anne Loke‪ Thank You, JR !!!Love you !!!May God Bless you always ‪❤
  • Sorin Zavagnin What an amazing man very kind-hearted and is so dedicated to the business
  • Karen Chan Seet No CEO would fall on their knees for his partners. God bless you, JR Ridinger.
  • Keiko Yuba‪ We love ‪❤ you. Thank you so much for everything what you do. You and Loren Ridinger are amazing!!!
  • John Burgess Thank you JR and Loren Ridinger and the whole Corporate team!
  • Larry Manning You always out do yourself!
  • Mary Geurts-Springstroh Thank you for what you do
  • Lily Garcete‪ We love you ‪😍 thank you ‪🙏🏻
  • Kathy O’Donnell Kaufman A CEO whose identity is gratitude
  • Sandy Pan‪ Thank you so much JR! ‪🙏‪♥
  • Ann DeWitt Quigley‪ No words….. ‪❤‪❤‪❤
  • Bernard Lafleur JR you should also be given a medal for finding such great talents fully dedicated to implement your dream. Merci beaucoup .
  • RaNae Envy‪ You are Right! Jedi Hill and I believe the Shopping Annuity Can Fix soooo many problems like you’ve JR Ridinger said before,. No one wants to shoot their check! You Can, We Can Change the World! Alone we are but a drop in the ocean, but together We Are The Ocean! ‪🙌🏽‪👏🏽‪👏🏽‪👏🏽‪👏🏽‪🎩‪📝
  • Mikayla Whited This morning was so special to me: my husband and I had the gift and honor to share our story on stage to 20k+ entrepreneurs!! If I saw this recording three years ago, I wouldn’t believe that this would be my reality. It was such a fun and surreal moment. Looking forward to many more meaningful moments in this life!✨💜🌈🦄⏳✨I am so thankful to God, Colton, David and Stacy, my mom Lisa and dad Kurt, JR and Loren Ridinger, and the countless people who have impacted my life. If you want to continue following our journey, you are welcome to check out our brand new FB page #plug 🔌😉
  • Michelle Proeto Charland‪ Thank you for another unforgettable, amazing Conference JR , Loren and the whole Corporate Team! We love you all ‪🎉‪❤
  • Georgi Aiello‪ What a blast!! Thank you ‪❤ Thank you , Thank you! I’m blown away AGAIN!
  • Valerie N Jarod Wright Thanks for the great Event! Time to build..
  • Bonnie Hamer Thank you for everything…so proud to be part of this amazing company
  • Jeannette Maldonado Many emotions, change is coming my way thank you JR for your vision, passion, drive…#inspired#takingaction
  • Catherine Ma‪ We do have the best team in the world!‪👍
  • Renee Klumb Brandt God bless you and your family.
  • Lois Weisberg‪…thank you for all you do!!!
  • Bernard Lafleur I enjoyed this convention tremendously, The efforts put forth by all to motivate us and encourage us to reach our dreams is unequal with any corporation. JR, your final speech was awesome, especially the part about the casket. It puts everything in perspective . God bless all
  • Graciearna Hart‪ Super emotional, but just what we needed, thank you for sharing your passion. ‪😁
  • Cheryl Blake Great world conference, had to leave early so didn’t hear all of your ending speech
  • Beth Zerbe Thank you for taking care of your MA family.
  • Kristen Rattanamongkhoune Found a new Magic Moment in James Kuo during recognition. It was also amazing to take the stage during recognition for the first time with my husband! Thank you for an amazing weekend!
  • Lauren E Dore Brain Surgery a success! One team one dream!!
  • Deni Westfall Baton I get it! I’m committed! I have MA DNA !!
  • Erika Maurer Vadnais That’s like asking for my favorite song – too many to list. But I think the cake has to go to Loren. She absolutely outdid herself yesterday. Outstanding!
  • Don Martin This woman seriously just changed more lives in 45 minutes than most people do in a lifetime. So incredible Loren Ridinger! Truly blessed to be in your space today.  JR, she literally blew our minds today. We would go to war with you guys anytime
  • Kim Sheaffer That was FANTASTIC.
  • Donald Scruton Thank you JR for your passion and all that you do for us
  • Koy Saechao My awesome mentor CEO & Founder of Market America com JR Ridinger rocking the stage at MAWC2018!!!!
  • Ryan Stack Much love back to you all. This is an idea that creates economic freedom for the masses and we ll do everything in our power to spread the word and teach as many people as possible how to build their own economy
  • Stacey Blaschka Pinski WOWWhat foresight and commitment to turning it into an economic system for the good of everyone ELSE!  #HumbleAndKind#WeAllBleedTheSame#MultiplyTheGood #StartWithYou #MA25Years Thanks JR Ridinger and every other person who stood tall in the face of uncertainty and lack of systems to make it so easy for the rest of us! #IHeartMA#SquarePegRoundHole#Family#BestOfFriends#STEM#PayItForward
  • Shell Dotty Are you kidding me!!!!! We’ve only gone and won ANOTHER Torch Award!!!! 😍😍😍🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻 The only company ever to win this TWICE in both 2013 and now 2018!!!! The BBB Torch Awards for Ethics, were created to promote the importance of ethical business practices and to recognize the willingness and effort made by outstanding businesses to assure that our marketplace remains fair and honorable for all. 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻 Yep that’s our company right there!!!!!!!! It takes into consideration trust, integrity and performance!!!! I keep telling you all, our company is like NO OTHER!!!!! I’m so frikken proud!!!! ❤ Well done to JR Ridinger, Loren Ridinger and all of the Corporate team!!!! You are the bombdotcom!!!
  • Esther Akin-George‪ Super Proud Already to be a part of this Awesome #Framily but this just shows We Got THIS!! Hearty Congratulations to JR & Loren Ridinger and the entire Market America Worldwide Family!!! 10 Countries around the World & Growing!! WOW….‪😘‪💕‪💙‪✨‪🙏🏾‪🙌🏾
  • Bethany Ravolli Congratulations to our incredible company, corporate team, JR Ridinger, Loren Ridinger and our entire MA family for winning the 2018 Better Business Bureau TORCH award for ethics and integrity!🏆🥇🔥 This is the HIGHEST of honors a company can achieve and we have now become the ONLY company that has received it TWICE. Congratulations again SHOP•COM👏🏼👏🏼
  • Richard Coyle #MAWC2018 so proud to be a part of such an amazing company, the only company to win the BBB torch award for business ethics twice… Can you say legitimate business? Legal, moral, ethical Market America is making America great again…
  • Stacey Blaschka Pinski {Drum roll please… Share the good news!} The paradigm shift to a pension life in the here and now is here for everyday consumers and nonprofits! When you raise the bar (or even dare to hold the bar), you don’t just offer pennies on the dollar on OTHER people’s brands but you offer a new way of life to be there with your loved ones! #MAWC2018. Get your stoplight report on how to maximize your savings and earnings today with the person who shared this post with you!
  • Terry White ND Love Loren… totally On Point… inspiring people world wide…what a message…
  • Carmel Steward Yesterday, Day 2 #SHOPPINGANNUITY #MAWV2018 No storage for pictures but a full day of learning the heart & integrity FEARLESS leaders JR Ridinger, Loren Ridinger & our entire leadership team. We love y’all so much & appreciate the many hours that you FIGHT for us to be a blessing to bless many!!! We learned several New ways to save & earn on our current spending, new products & so much more. Unbelievable, but I’ve pinched myself, it’s REAL😂
  • 米雪‪ JR we love you sooooooo much ‪😘
  • Patty Nice-Palumbo What Founder & President of a company replies to comments to everyone on Facebook?? Well our Founder & President, JR Ridingerdoes!! The man is a GENIUS, funniest and the most inspirational person I know!! He pours his sweat (literally) and love right on the stage!! thanks JR Ridinger
  • Kesha Harris This is my first time here and I thinks it’s amazing!! I’m so excited to be a part of such an awesome experience.. Market America will become the new authority.. Time to jump on board..
  • Yamy Soroa This company is changing people’s life. What are you waiting for???? Ask me about the plan. Loren and JR make a plan prove to work for over 25 yrs. So when is your wake up time???
  • Bonnie Haines Church Never thought I could get so excited about toothpaste… But our sa toothpaste has the key ingredients from my fav toothpaste for less money and with BV… Love it!!!!!!!!!
  • Valerie Waicunas Martin Shopbuddy Rocks!
  • Martha Tello Rosser JR, Loren… I just attended MAWC2018 in Miami and it hit me!! We are REALLLLY on the verge of changing the world as we know it. The point where people are starting to understand the concepts that JR teaches… the point where big companies are starting to see and understand people power … the point where the brick and mortars of the world are trying to play catch up on an idea that has been in the works since the 1980’s … the point where you can feel the shift … we are going to be a house hold name like many big names out there… the verge of people asking us more often what is it… the verge of people talking about the visionary that JR is… they are gonna talk about how innovative he is … they are gonna talk about he has changed the world … they are going to talk about how he not only connected households but how he connected countries… Ryan Stack and I chatted about how amazing it is to apart of this company!!! Our time is now and I absolutely can’t wait to be here to see it all unfold!!! Every single person on the corporate team including Marc Ashley, Steve Ashley, Dennis Franks, Jim Winkler, Marty Weismann, Andrew Weissman, Kevin buckman, and so many others I can’t name have done so much to keep the vision rolling forward!!! So grateful to be apart of it!! Thank You for all that y’all do!!!
  • Maureen Sherwin I had such a great time at World Conference in Miami along with 23,000 other entrepreneurs. We missed some of our team members who weren’t able to be with us this year. The weather was so nice in Miami. It was great to be able to wear sandals every day! ❤ We have such a great team and a wonderful group of leaders to keep us motivated and continually grow our business. It’s amazing that this company started out 25+ years ago with just a handful of people and a dream/vision, and now we’ve grown to over 160,000 entrepreneurs/business owners!!! Incredible!!! Thank you to JR Ridinger and Loren Ridinger for your love and passion!!! I’m so proud to be a part of this organization that is changing people’s lives. #MAWC2018 #ShoppingAnnuity — with David Sherwin and 3 others.
  • I’m from Singapore, a UFO, and this is my first time at a overseas convention. Without coming, I would never have known how much you truly love us, how sincerely you and Loren want us to reach our true potential leave Miami feeling driven, changed and a new person. I will used Loren’s kick of counting 54321, and Not let anything hold me back, no procrastination. Thank you for creating this amazing one of a kind business. A great new takeaway is the uniform messaging we UFO need to educate people, to start with Shopping annuity!! I have 4 new PC in 2 days just because of this. – Rubyni Karun
  • My major takeaway that hit home personally was that in your darkest times comes the greatest clarity. I recently lost my mom. My biggest cheerleader and supporter and fan. It’s funny because while my mom was alive I was still pushing and not letting her terminal illness hold me back. I said No Excuses. But the moment she passed away on my son’s birthday I lost my drive. I got into the biggest funk. My numbers prove it. My family life has been torn apart and as hard as I tried to stay positive and push myself I was on such an emotional rollercoaster. One day or week I was great and the next I was a mess. I’m beyond grateful for opportunity. This trip has given me so much clarity from eliminating those that are not lifting me up, encouraging me, or supporting my visions to realizing that I don’t have to be great to get started but I do have to start to be great! As I sat there absorbing all that this business and people have to offer, I heard my mom cheering me on for the first time since she’s passed. I woke up this morning with the greatest clarity I’ve had in months. So, thank you to this amazing team, amazing friends I’ve made, and amazing opportunity to be the best self I can be!!! Looking forward to making 2018 my year!!! – Kristin Wampler



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  1. Keisha Gregory says:

    I’m a UFO from Toronto. MAWC2018 was so much fun. The first day was kind of slow but overall an amazing experience. The closing was amazing! One of my greatest takeaways was the dash. Its true that everyone has a birth and death date and those dates are not under our control but what we do have control over I the dash. We get to choose to live a life building our own dreams or work for someone else’s dreams. We can just exist or live a life with purpose. Also that the magic happens outside your convert zone. I’ve been networking more and adding name more beans to my jar daily. Thank you!

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