Throwback Thursday: Magic Moments from Past Events

As we count down the days to MAIC2021, I can’t help but think of all the incredible memories we’ve made and magic moments we’ve experienced together over the years. While empowerment and education are always front and center at our big events, for me – the magic moments are what really stick with me through the years and make these events even more special. The personal connections we form and the experiences and memories we make together are what makes this so much more than a mere business. It’s what makes us human!

I cannot wait to see my UnFranchise family together again at MAIC2021, and look forward to creating new memories and magic moments with you at International Convention. I’ve included below a small collection of magic moments from previous events which capture the essence of these events. But the truth is – every event represents a magic moment for me. The most magical thing for me is seeing an arena packed with entrepreneurs from around the world who believe in the business, are unified in their purpose, and have an unwavering determination to succeed and help others do the same. That’s real magic! 

Keep Growing!

-JR Ridinger  


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