The Next Generation: Lane Kohl and her Experience at MANRC2022
Lane Kohl and Lisa Kohl Winkler

This past weekend saw a tremendous event and learning experience for UFOs as Jim Winkler and the team hosted the 2022 Market America Northern Regional Convention. But one person in the crowd had a special connection with Jim and a unique perspective on the business. Jim’s brilliant step-daughter Lane Kohl was in the crowd for the Northern Regional to learn and grow with the best – and took the time to offer her insights and perspectives on this event as well as the impact Market America has had on her life & family. I truly enjoyed speaking with her and learning more about what inspires and motivates the next generation!

Keep Growing!

-JR Ridinger


Your parents, Jim Winkler and Lisa Kohl Winkler have built a tremendous legacy of success with Market America and the UnFranchise Business. What was it like being raised by two driven entrepreneurs?

Having such hardworking parents as role models has been incredible. They’ve taught me a lot about work ethic and having a growth mindset – and I’m so thankful my parents instilled that in me. They taught me the importance of working hard, being goal-oriented, and being productive.

My mom was in nursing, and she actually started building the business when I was around 9 months old – so Market America has really been a big part of my life. I remember growing up, my parents were always able to be at my events because they had built successful businesses which gave them more free time.

Also, watching Jim talk with people and inspire others within Market America has always been special for me. I love that he can convey his message to so many people in such a relatable and down-to-earth way. And the best part is people really learn from him!


While you’ve obliviously been around MA events in the past (many in your own home) – this was your first major event where you came to learn on your own. What was your favorite part of the Northern Regional?

I really enjoyed Dr. Dee’s presentation on the Top 10 Supplements we should be taking. Over the past few years, I’ve found a passion for fitness and nutrition, in fact – I’m applying for P.A. school this year – so I was very interested in hearing Dr. Dee speak at the Northern Regional. I’ve always taken Market America supplements, but as I’ve grown, I’ve become more interested in understanding what I need to do to maintain a healthy lifestyle at my age.

I’ve always been into science and health, but the pandemic really forced me to rethink my approach to health, nutrition, and what I put into my body. I’m the type of person who likes to know the facts… What are the studies? What are the mechanisms at work? — It was great to hear from an expert like Dr. Dee because she’s so knowledgeable about the science behind the concepts!


Aside from learning about products and business insights, what other aspects of this event did you enjoy?

Going to these events is about more than just learning, it’s about seeing people, making connections, and building relationships. It’s always fun to see the people who attend these events. I really like the sense of community Market America has created.


While P.A. School is your primary focus right now, could you see yourself following in your parents’ footsteps by becoming an UnFranchise Owner?

I’ve always imagined becoming a P.A. and eventually starting my own practice where I could focus on nutrition and sell the products through it – that would be my dream goal. I love the products and I know how easy it is to sell something you love – especially when it helps others. I feel like I could have a future with this company and continue to help & inspire people like my parents do.


What’s your favorite thing about Market America?

I love Market America, and I love what they’ve been doing for people. They’re really inspiring a lot of people to better their lives and to focus on their nutrition & health and I think that they’re making a huge difference!


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