February 12th, 2017

Thank You for Attending the 2017 Market America World Conference

The 2017 Market America World Conference was without question our biggest and best event ever and we couldn’t have done it without YOU – our UnFranchise family. On behalf of Loren and our entire corporate team, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for believing in the business and believing in me – because I definitely believe in you. I hope you appreciate the limitless potential of the Shopping Annuity and the MPCP, and took away some new insights and perspectives that will open your mind and spark that billionth of a volt.

As Loren said you have to decide that yesterday was the last day you’re going to make an excuse – you have to just do it! Remember, when you take it step by step and complete your daily, weekly, and monthly goals you’ll be standing on stage explaining your success story one day – helping to inspire the next wave of entrepreneurs.

Together we are changing the world and leveraging our collective buying power to build our own economy that pays us to shop! Amazon sure can’t do that. Marc Ashley did an amazing job explaining the latest advancements on SHOP.COM and UnFranchise.com and he still has much more to share with you. You’ll have to attend our 25th celebration #MAIC2017 later this year in Greensboro, NC to find out what I mean!

I hope everyone had a blast this week in Miami, strengthening your bonds, meeting new friends, and most importantly unlocking the potential within yourself. I wish everyone safe travels home as you set forth to apply what you learned here at World Conference. Continue what you started here today by coming to #MAIC2017 and celebrating our 25th year of changing lives!

Keep Growing!
-JR Ridinger


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One Response to Thank You for Attending the 2017 Market America World Conference

  1. Paddy Hamill says:

    Thank you for a great shot in the arm
    I had stepped away for a few years…… stayed in just did not work it.
    I remember seeing Carl Eklund doing a presentation and brought it home to spread the word….even did a presentation at Ernie and Jeannette Heikes house!
    At that time I saw the potential! But I had no idea how big it was going to get.
    I have been an executive coordinator for 10+ years!!!! You just watch me now!

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