Share Your Experiences from the 2013 Product Symposium

This weekend Market America and SHOP.COM held a spectacular event in King of Prussia, PA – as thousands of entrepreneurs came to learn and grow at the 2013 ma University Orientation and Product Symposium. This event was a tremendous learning experience form all who attended, and gave our UnFranchise Owners an in-depth knowledge of the products at the heart of their business.

Below you’ll find a great message from Dennis Franks, who was on hand for this amazing learning experience. Dennis had an amazing time over the weekend, meeting with you and understands that the insights and knowledge you gain at events like this can have a tremendously positive effect on your business!

Here’s Dennis’ message:

Just a short note that the event went well. Each speaker brought their A game and delivered. With each training and field trip I complete I understand better what a great thing we have with our UnFranchise Business model and the hope we provide for people  who need direction. Combined the West Coast as well as the East Coast events were both a wonderful success. Congrats to all that made it possible.

 Time to grow to the World Conference!

-Dennis Franks


If you attended the 2013 ma University Orientation and Product Symposium, we want to hear about your experiences there! What did you learn? What did you take away from this event that will help you and your team build success?

Send us an email to and share your experiences from the 2013 ma University Orientation and Product Symposium! Your story could even be featured on my blog!

Keep Growing!

-JR Ridinger