October 17th, 2012

Road to Recovery: The Importance of Being Proactive

As we all learned with Loren’s recent experiences with her aneurysm and the subsequent treatment that followed, the importance of being proactive about your health simply cannot be understated. Loren actively followed through and sought out the answers she needed, and was able to find a resolution for her aneurism, and in the end she received the treatment she needed from one of the best neurosurgeons in the world, Dr. Aman Patel.

As October is breast cancer awareness month, Loren and I can’t stress enough the importance of being proactive when it comes to your health. In fact, just yesterday Loren spent a large portion of her day at Cornell getting some follow up tests done, including a mammogram and ultrasound.

Loren had a procedure done about a year ago to remove a Phyllodes tumor – and as anyone familiar with this type of tumor will tell you – it’s imperative that you regularly monitor it to ensure that it doesn’t come back. Many times regular mammograms will fail to discover anything abnormal, that’s why it’s so important that you ask for a diagnostic mammogram (ultrasound). You must be your biggest advocate and insist that you receive the care you deserve!

Several months ago Loren had a lump misdiagnosed as a papillary benign lesion when it turned out to be a rare benign Phyllodes tumor which can grow back> The surgeon did beautiful work, but not knowing it was a Phyllodes tumor and they did not get a margin so it had to be carefully watched. Yet getting it watched was a uphill battle and like her aneurysm – it took persistence on her part. However, once she  found the Aneurysm she found the best medial team and it determined the result. Again the point is that the patient needs to take charge of their health.

We all know that the process of visiting the doctor can be a complicated and often lengthy ordeal, with issues that arise along the way. I suggest you learn from Loren’s example, and take charge of your health by being extremely proactive. You must be your biggest advocate and insist that you receive the care you deserve!

Want to see what I mean? Have a look at this quick video Loren and I shot yesterday after her appointment. Take charge of your health today, and become your body’s biggest advocate!


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