January 23rd, 2018

Poll Time: What Part of #MAWC2018 Are You Most Excited About?

Can you believe the 2018 Market America World Conference begins next week??? Our entire corporate team is absolutely thrilled to have the opportunity to share with you the very latest updates and enhancements to our business which will help guide your growth in the weeks and months to follow. Being in Miami for World Conference is always a special experience, but we want to know what experiences you’re looking forward to the most!

Below you’ll find a new interactive poll we’ve set up so you can tell us what different aspects of #MAWC2018 you’re the most excited about. Everyone takes something different away from events like World Conference, so it’s always interesting to see what people are most excited about. I can’t wait to see my UnFranchise family next week and look forward to helping everyone evaluate their game in 2018!!

Keep Growing!

-JR Ridinger


Team Building Experiences 54 Votes
Powerful Presentations 38 Votes
New Products 132 Votes
SHOP.COM Enhancements 159 Votes
Success Stories 12 Votes
Learning From The Best 142 Votes


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11 Responses to Poll Time: What Part of #MAWC2018 Are You Most Excited About?

  1. Dolly Kuo says:

    Shop. Com

  2. Dolly Kuo says:

    SHOP.COM Enhancements

  3. James Kops says:

    Looking forward to using the new tools and products that you’ll be providing.

  4. I’ve already made it down to Florida from NY. My next exciting stop is Miami for World Conference.

  5. So Yee Ng says:

    Thank to the cooperate team for the hard work you have been doing for all of us through years! What we just need is enjoying shopping and earning!

  6. Shumin Gao says:

    They are all important for me to learn.

  7. Yan Lushun says:

    Conference will give us positive anergy, we will learn success stories, 1st hands to know new products.

  8. Hui Shen says:

    It’s always good to learn from those successful people. Looking forward to it.

  9. Andy kuang says:

    Learn more, earn believe, build fast and strong , in our UFO, we changing the word !

  10. Annie Tiang says:

    Conference gives us the positive MA energy as the big MA family congregates. It is an impactful culture for bonding and building the business with the elites and the best.

  11. Kathy Kim says:

    Most excited about anything new for SHOP.COM CANADA!!!! WHoo hooo!!!

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