People Power: #MALAYLS2018

This past weekend our global people power was on full display as thousands of entrepreneurs came together to learn and grow at the Market Malaysia 2018 Leadership School. A special thank you to Kevin Buckman and all the other UnFranchise Leaders who took the time to teach and share their insights this past weekend, and ultimately inspire a new wave of success and growth in Malaysia. You can CLICK HERE to view pictures from this event on my Facebook page.

Attending key events like these are critical for your growth and development as an UnFranchise Owner, but it’s what you do to after these events in terms of following up and applying what you learned that makes the real difference. I hope everyone who attended #MALAYLS2018 left this event with a new sense of purpose and new goals to reach – now let’s make it happen together!

Keep Growing!

-JR Ridinger



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