Motives in London: Making an Impact with Wei Wei Ning and Kimora Le

This morning I received a truly special message from Wei Wei Ning who had some amazing things to say about her recent Motives event in London with Kimora Le. Wei Wei and Kimora are incredible brand ambassadors and business builders who really go the extra mile to not only inspire success for their fellow UnFranchise Owners but to also make a positive impact on their communities. As you can see from the pictures below and the message that accompanies it, there is so much more to the UnFranchise than mere business building. This is about people, and People Power! Congratulations to Wei Wei and Kimora for helping lead the way – you are an inspiration for all of us!

Keep Growing!

-JR Ridinger



Good Morning JR & Loren,

This is Wei Wei From Far Away.

I’m writing to let you know the Wonderful News From London.

Kimora Le & I just hosted our 1st Motives Charity Party in London. It was very successful & professional. Many of her friends in London came to help & support this Motives launch & Charity Event. We promoted Motives Cosmetics Products, Isotonix Nutritional Supplements & Raised Funds for those unfortunate children who had been affected by Agent Orange during the Vietnam War. The event raised a generous amount funds in such a short period of time.  We had such a Wonderful Fun Loving Time ??

Kimora Lê is a beautiful, lovely, caring & giving Vietnamese lady whom I met through Social Media. Kimora has been working in Beauty Industry for nearly 20 years. After she tried & tested our Lumiere De Vie, Motives Cosmetics & Isotonix she fell in love with them. We had only 3 & half weeks organising this event, but she was the person who really made this happen in London. Kimora is an independent mum with 4 beautiful children. Very Smart, Very Creative, Productive & Passionate for Motives Cosmetics. She has a big heart for Charity, who also known to volunteer with her wonderful children in the past & always try her best to raise funds for those unfortunate Children Who had been Affected by Agent Orange during Vietnam War In order to save money, she spent 6 hours preparing & baking 100 Cupcakes which was a challenge, running her family life on top & was unwell during this time.  The most beautiful part is that she came up with the idea to promote Motives Cosmetics on cupcake Toppers, with orange butterfly representing Agent Orange. These wonderful lush cupcakes stood out & look so attractive & cute.  I’m very proud of Kimora Lê ?? This is only the beginning, as she learnt & gained so much  experiences from her 1st Motives Charity Event, she will be holding another charity event in near future & many more… promoting Market United Kingdom/Shop.Com. It could only get bigger & better every time!

She told me that many of her friends want her to host parties in the near future in their houses as they to loved the products! At the end of the evening we had a professional photographer Kasa La Kwift who also loved the Motives Cosmetics products along, with the charity donated her time, promoting our products & in the near future!

Let’s give Kimora a round of applause & encourage her to move forward to influence, impact many more people’s lives with Market United Kingdom, with the growing big brand of Motives Cosmetics By Loren Ridinger & Motives Cosmetics By La La along with our exclusive Isotonix National Supplements & many more. Cheers!!!??


-Wei Wei Ning



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