October 23rd, 2017

Motives Cosmetics Business & Beauty Academy in Stamford, Connecticut

This past weekend’s Motives Business & Beauty Academy event in Stamford, Connecticut was such a massive learning opportunity for our UFOs! The MBBA was a comprehensive training designed to help these beauty pros elevate their game and experience even more success. Here they had the opportunity to learn from the best while also working with new sales aids and other resources that ultimately helped everyone gain a better understanding of the business and science behind the beauty industry.

I’d like to extend a special thank you to Kim Ashley, Lisa Martin, and the Motives Team for hosting this tremendous event. Loren and I were blessed to be a part of this training and had the opportunity to shoot a few fun videos with the MBBA crew. I’ve also collected some great images from Instagram that highlight this event – a special thanks to all our photo contributors from Instagram: @faceyourforever, @jewelwacker, @lisamartinlive, @jaxxmakeup, @makeuponmove, @emcarr91, @nick_braveheart, @thankagirl, @no_il_lou_sions, @pinkshampu.

Enjoy the images and videos from the first-ever Motives Business & Beauty Academy! So far we’ve received some excellent feedback from the event, which I’ve also included below. If you were there feel free to email me or leave a comment – because we love hearing about your experiences and what you learned. Thanks to everyone to helped make the MBBA such a powerful learning experience!

Keep Growing!
-JR Ridinger




Incredible Feedback from the First-Ever MBBA:


  • “Pinch me! How do I get to #blessed to work and train alongside of #powerhouses like Emily Mahan? KILLING her training segment!!” – Carrie Smith


  • “Seriously love this business!! #motives #mbbaacademy! We are training on advanced nutritional and skin care today. Dr Terry White ND, Vena Pearson Hudgins, Trisha Williams and Monina N. Wright are about to Crazy intelligent!!! #pinchme Is this for real??!!” – Jewel Wacker


  • “There’s nothing like this available ANYWHERE else. I am SO proud to be part of the creation of this advanced 4-day MBBA training and workshop.”  – Jacqueline Menconi


  • “Today we were training on advanced nutrition and skin care by Dr Terry White ND, Vena Pearson Hudgins, Trisha Williams and Monina N. Wright at MBBA!!! Love what we do.” – Nina Armstrong


  • “Had another great day of training today. Got the pleasure of hearing from a naturopathic doctor about gut health and how it relates to skin health. Also received great training from two women who own medspas and are aestheticians. These women know so much about the business and about the skin and body- it’s such a privilege to be able to learn from them.” – Emily Carr


  • “FINALLY made it to Connecticut for the FIRST EVER Motives Beauty & Business Academy to help the BOOMING salon, spa, and barbershop markets! About to take the Lehigh Valley PA, London, and our other market areas to the MAX!” – Nick Friday


  • “What a fulfilling weekend at the MBBA training. I still can’t get over the fact that I can go away for a week and get back and take 3 more days off and I make more money with Motives Cosmetics then when I am working 12 to 14 hours a day in the salon!”  – Luis Perez


  • “I call him, THE MAN WITH THE PLAN JR Ridinger changed my life and the lives of so many!! I’m so grateful to have had the opportunity to attend an intimate dinner with him, his amazing wife and founder of Motives Cosmetics Loren Ridinger, and the entire international Motives training team. What founders, of a multi-billion dollar company, takes the time to spend quality time getting to know their soldiers in the trenches? THIS AMAZING COMPANY Market America! Loren and Jr gave us so much love with words of empowerment to all the Motives trainers who lead the field in professionally representing the brand and the company as a whole. Thank you!” -Emily Mahan


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