February 7th, 2020

MAWC2020: The Power of the UnFranchise and the Formula for a Better Tomorrow

What a powerhouse day at MAWC2020! We packed a lot of information today and I hope it’s all starting to spark that billionth of a volt. Just remember, you’ve got to program your brain with the correct thinking. Reprogramming your brain is the only way to break free from the systems which entrap you and make you a slave to the rat race.  

Our binomial system is fine-tuned for success and stability. We’re the only one who’s ever figured it out!!!! It multiplies your possibilities and exponentially amplifies the success of the team. It’s a mathematical progression which works in everyone’s favor! There’s no diffusion in our plan. That’s why this business is so special & so profitable. It fuels the engine and propels our perpetual growth. 

When you don’t have to build in width, and everything goes down 2 lines – then finding one diamond in the rough helps supercharge everyone’s business. That’s the beauty of our system. The vertical power of our business comes alive when you shake the bean jar and find the nuts! This is what leads to success, and I’ve made the marketing plan to help everyone accomplish this synergistically. 

The evaluation approach is an absolutely winning formula for entrepreneurial success with the UnFranchise. The evaluation approach and trial runs make the business work first before the prospect even makes a decision. That’s how you imprint geese instead of chickens! The MPCP and evacuation approach work synergistically together and exponentially increase their effectiveness. The plan was designed for this. Our plan is the engine that drives success. Our people power is the fuel! Sometimes your only problem is the fact you don’t know how to start the car!

The only reason you’re not making 6 figures yet is really simple. You haven’t found the right people yet!!! Those who made it were lucky enough to find the right people. But I want to take the luck out of the equation. My objective is to change your thinking so you can discover why you haven’t found the right people yet. 

Introducing people to this business like giving them a golden ticket to escape the 45-year plan! Everyone knows at least 300 people, and if you only talk to 100 of them, you’re going to fill the bean jar. And when you do it with a partner who knows how to shake the bean jar, all the nuts rise to the top! Be proactive about your success and reach out to the people you know who could benefit from our revolutionary 2-3-year plan. Last time I checked, everyone could benefit from the UnFranchise because we empower anyone with an entrepreneurial desire to create an ongoing income and with it a better life and future! 

Don’t ever sweat it when people don’t qualify. You can’t force it. The timing may not be right, or they may not be coachable. Finding people who don’t qualify is actually a good thing because it gives you more time to focus on those who really want to make it happen! Not everyone gets into Harvard, and not everyone qualifies for our business- it’s just the way it is!!!

Just remember, we have what everyone else wants – a residual income machine! This is usually reserved for the elite, but our system makes it attainable for everyone. We have the secret and the holy grail! It’s the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow and only UnFranchise Owners can leverage it!!! 

Keep Growing!

-JR Ridinger 

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