February 12th, 2019

MAWC2019: Share Your Stories and Feedback with Me!!

I have never experienced or received so much positive feedback coupled with action since we started 27 years ago. I am sharing some of these with you all.  It’s time for action and doing it one more time as Geese with a stopwatch (smash the clock and past to smithereens).  A great start to qualify people to be on the team is MAIC2019 tickets as if they don’t have them they are still ducks or chickens and not ready. The workshops held by the executive sales team should be filled to capacity! The time for action is now! Share your own experience or results from MAWC2019 because it helps others understand the importance of attending events like this! Feel free to leave me a comment here and tell me about your experiences, or better yet, post about it on social media so even more people can see it! Be sure to tag me so I see it!

Keep Growing!
-JR Ridinger


MAWC2019 Feedback:


Phil Guido: I have been to 25 years of MA Conventions and this one rates among the BEST. My personal highlight was your training segment on Friday. After all these years, you proved you are still at the top of your game teaching how to get people to lead to people and look for (and create) GEESE instead of chickens. Absolutely one of the best training segments I have seen in my 25 years. There was something magical about you sitting on a stool and having a conversation with thousands of people, but making each person feel as though you were talking just to them. That said, there were many other great segments throughout the weekend. I was amazed at how fast each day proceeded. It seemed like we were just getting started and here comes an announcement for the lunch break. Probably the biggest highlight of the Conference for me was what happened AFTER the Conference was over. On a team conference call last night, I listened to person after person express their excitement and enthusiasm for the business and the future. Priceless!


Mark Crockett JR, your tribute to Tony was beautiful and perfect! You are the most amazingly spiritual man I have ever known! Stay Blessed!!


Jasen August I said NO to opportunity for 2 straight years until my WHY got too big to ignore. I lost everything in a 12-hour period overnight…literally. My first step at hour 13 was to go and see exactly what I was saying NO to. Those 45 minutes changed my life forever and it was truly an answer to prayer. I couldn’t believe I said NO for that long but timing is everything and those who saw in me something powerful never gave up on me even thru all the resistance. God is so good and now I enjoy a growing residual income. I love this company, the people, and the business model. So thankful for the turmoil that led me to the victory!


Jasen August Since MAIC2018, I took the challenge by Loren of going for it harder than ever for 1 year…nothing to lose. I also took the challenge by JR to show the plan to 2 people per week. Well it produced results and we had new partners on 1/1/19 who plugged-in to all the trainings and attended MAWC2019 with us. My magic moment this conference was the see the plan 3 times and get to their people BEFORE any registrations occur. Its been the missing piece for a long time. But sometimes the growth process reveals truth in more relevant ways and this was one of those cases. Cannot wait for this next 6-month build of growth this way. So excited to implement this and being a pro at this. Also going to checklist, the MUFO, SAMM, & CHALLENGES as I move forward. Whether I hit them completely or not, I don’t care. I care about trying. And trying is the only way to move towards achievement. Thanks for a great conference!


Tracy Connor Thank you for such an incredible event Absolutely life changing


Heather Worthington 💖 and we thank you for giving us the gift of this business and the brainspanking that we need to succeed. We’re so Blessed to have such a good company that is dedicated and determined to help others.🙏 Your heart is gold and your mind in all of its infinite wisdom is a beacon of light always shining through, discovering new ways to bring the best of the best to your flock. You have fully encompassed what it means to be an #entrepreneur and given of yourself so others can realize and achieve their dreams. From the bottom of our hearts we thank you, Loren, the corporate team and our dedicated upline leaders for all you do. Keep growing. 🌠


Lisa Tolbert Was the best!!!!


Anita Isely I am jumping out of my skin, that’s how excited I am.


Cherrye Baker I am so glad that I took whatever it takes to attend my 1st Miami World Conference. I’m on a mission to build my business while helping others along the way! Thanks so much for what you are doing to help all of us!! 💜🎉😊


David Whited The lion’s share of the stage time was geared to result producing activities. I really feel that if a new person was in the room they could go home and produce results.
Also, the recognition portion felt like more time was allowed to hear from top pin levels during recognition. That created a lot of people buying more tickets to GSO on my team.
Felt like clouds have cleared and a strong sense of hope for the future, you could feel the hope!


Beth Black I would totally ditto the above from David! I honestly expect we will experience tremendous growth out of this conference. People started taking action immediately. It was truly a business building conference with no distractions – keeping “the main thing the main thing” 😊


Al Yentsch The biggest thing was your referral & evaluation seeing the plan 3 times is crucial
If they are not going to lead us their people then they’re NOT QUALIFIED
The simplest thing for new people & peoples people 2 people per week.


Shannon Northman I loved how you broke down how the cognitive process works on how the mind can begin to accept goals and transform them from a dream to reality!! The power of imprinting allowing no other option to exist so the team gets it and duplicates it!!! Thank you so much JR!! We get it! We love you! Let’s change the world together!!!


Chip Emely The “step-by-step” segment on your sponsoring process with showing the plan three times and your No Decision Close written out was exactly what the field needed to re-engage in building the right way. The imprinting segment really illustrated what happens when duplication is done right. A lot of powerful, take-home information to help the team move forward! Thank you!


Edward Flores The creative ability of this company of entrepreneurs always leaves me in awe. This event was so complete from the WHO WE ARE to the WHY WE DO THIS and then the HOW WE DO THIS and ending in the assignment TIME TO OPERATE ON YOUR CONSCIOUS BRAIN🧠. All in all we are so much more than a business. I was brought to tears with the thought of waiting six months to see ALL of you again.
Dr. Ed


Ann DeWitt Quigley Thank you, JR, Loren and the corporate team for another awesome convention! I love the feel of getting “back to basics” and keeping the main thing the main thing. You NAILED IT in your presentation. I also loved that a presentation/ theme that Kevin Buckman did so many years ago is still so relevant today!! I remember my first convention, 9 years ago, when you said “IBV will overtake BV”. We are there!! So excited for explosive growth! #beagoose ! ❤❤


Michael Zupp JR, you and Loren are of the most amazing people. You know I’ve been struggling and riddled with challenges in my life., but your up close and personal connection at this Convention has reminded me of why I partnered, and how genuine and committed you (and everyone in the Market America family) are to our success…😊 Oh., and the thing that I think I finally finally finally get…., is IMPRINTING
Thank you
-Your next Goose-


Danielle Gervais One thing that Loren said about the things you regret being a life lesson not a prison sentence. I realized I was letting my past hold me back. I made the decision to forgive myself and move on to better things, wiser for the experience but hopeful for things to come.


Marie House I learned that I need to imprint and implement what YOU taught for my success. I am honored to be a part of the company that you and Loren have built and shared with us for our own residual success. Thank you, thank you.


April Joy Dennis This was the best major event in years!! I left a prouder UFO ready to explode my business and take my brand new Local to grand heights! I’m empowered and fueled. In a few short weeks Dennis Franks comes into Asheville as our second Local Seminar speaker. We are unstoppable! ❤️❤️❤️


Carlos Cintron The power of believe instilled with tangle evidence and the positive energy transferred is ASTRONOMICAL! THANK YOU 🙏 for EMPOWERING ME!


Kathy Neilsen Auffant JR, this convention was one of the most amazing I have attended!! There were so many magical moments that resonated with me… The football player with the blinders on, wanted to quit but pushed himself because he thought he only had to go “a little more”, his Coach was so positive, pushing and encouraging him. Leading a flock of geese (as shown from the video I made in South Beach & posted for you, lol!), taking us through how YOU build so we stop wasting time doing it the wrong way and quitting, watching Anthony Akers video followed by Loren showing how the same ingredients fit into your life if you put your dreams first! Your Grandson Aiden, so timid (and so adorable!) afraid of the unknown and feeling so accomplished and proud of himself that he just did it! I saw that with Amber Yang at Lisa Grant’s house a couple summers ago, she didn’t verbalize it but was obviously afraid to get out of the boat on the lake to stand on the paddle board….her hesitation was less than 2 seconds, she pushed herself to do something that she was afraid of, she got on that board, started rowing and got the biggest smile on her face because she ignored her fears and just did it!! Such a powerful lesson!


And the tribute to Tony Bowling…. so emotional!


Stacey Blaschka Pinski The two per day focus is easy to remember.


Mark Hansen I can finally see the ” building” you designed and now have built. Before I could describe it but now I can walk people through it. A dream this big needs to be built for average people to fully comprehend. Congratulations JR, you have all the components ready for us to put in motion.


Aubrey Lueck Clay Best ever! I loved seeing you and Loren on stage together. Hands down best one yet. Full of heart and soul and everything had a purpose ❤️


Dee Potts Burgess Very heartfelt. Motivating. ♥️


Cherrye Baker I had many favorite moments, but what really stuck with me was the video shown at the end. The football player with the blinders on carrying another 160 pound football player on his back. It brought me to tears…I will put on the blinders and I will give it my all
I will never quit!!! 💪🤨❤


Marti Garlick love the imprinting of the geese, duck and chicken analogy. teach the new business partners properly and they will do what you do…

Mary Jane Kutsch Gullick For me it was filling the jar with your dreams and goals first. Life works better then!


Ida Chan Every moment touched me a lot!!! Starting from Dragon Dancing to celebrate with us! You and Loren, the MA team’s kind hearted really made me feel this is my family!!! I don’t feel sacrificing not being with my family in Hong Kong but rather want to bring the whole family here!!! All the power profiles, Siciliano Award and also the tribute to Tony are really touched. I really feel graceful and grateful be one of UFOs. I’ll definitely go back and share this wonderful business to others!


Yami Glez WOW and WOW. WONDERFUL, #MAWC2019, I love to sleep a lot, Loren was talking to ME yesterday. Today I put my alarm 1 hour early and started my day earlier. I set the alarm to everyday. I started to work in the most important project of all… myself.

Another wow moment for me was the EVALUATION APPROACH to use with my people. 1. Have fun 2. Leave anxiety 3. Edify the people and give them the reason of why you are calling 4. Ask for their help.

And finally, people has to pass interviews when changing careers, or when they want to be part of a sports team… same here, they have to succeed in the trial run which is our own trial out or interview. Look for people willing to pass the process, enthusiastic, people who attract people, coachable and RWA to help others change their life’s.


Bonnie Philo overwhelmed in the best of ways by it all ……duplicate duplicate
honk honk honk
we love you and we know our best thanks to you is learn it do it teach it
God bless you…..you made yet another magic moment for me 🙏💝💝❤❤


Margo Cook Dutile I am spreading the word that we’re the first shopping annuity company in the world! Loved this photo.. going to be my visual on dream board, homepage etc.!!! Thanks JR, Loren and everyone who presented this weekend!!!❤️


Chris Carter JR Ridinger what an amazing easy to remember (imprint) example you used. Out at dinner on South Beach it was easy to identify MA family by the familiar honk call. Thanks for your heart and soul you give us so we can fly with you!!!✌🏻


Elizabeth Kent Thank you JR, Loren and the Corporate team for another wonderful Conference! I will not be a chicken no more and become a goose!


Dave Silva Incredible information to get INTO formation.


Deni Westfall Baton JR RidingerLoren Ridinger, Corporate Team, thank you just doesn’t seem to be enough. This was a phenomenal conference. Life changing! Confidence building! Motivational! Heartwarming! Incredible!! I am more in love with this company than ever before. My ability to soar with the Geese is undeniable!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!  ❤️ honk, honk, honk



Donald Scruton What an amazing Convention JR. Thank you so much and please thank Loren also.


Mary Ann Slinn Yes DUPLICATION Ready for Formation!


Michelle Spence Tobias Thank you for always giving it your all! I will give it my all as well! See you in Greensboro!


Tracy Connor Thank you for another unforgettable event I will be a goose


Koy Saechao Thank you for another awesome event 🙏 I’m super stoked for expansion into Thailand coming soon! I recall asking you this possibility 5 years ago! Thank you thank you 🙌🙌🙌 You are the best! My dream board says I’ll be in Thailand sharing the business in 2020, guess it’s really happening 👏👏👏


Roxanne Gagnon Reed Thank you JR and the Corporate team! Looking forward to seeing everyone in Greensboro North Carolina, with new pin levels🎯


Jodie Docos Thank you JR!! Yes!! We will duplicate!!!


Bernard Lafleur Will fly with the best .Thank you for great mentoring


Heather Worthington Absolutely! Already booked appointments as soon as I return!


Kimberly Bowers I am ready to be a goose.


Shannon Northman I remember the first time you shared about imprinting it was the duck example of how the ducklings duplicate their mother. I got the picture then and now you took it to a whole new level!! Thank you so much JR and Loren!!!


Mary Sharon Fay And I am leading my flock!!


Bonnie Hamer Oh yeah JR, what a powerful conference… thank you so much. Best so far and we’re excited to imprint our team💞


Michelle Drew I’ve never been more excited or had more belief than I do coming out of #MAWC2019
We are going to change the world in such a wonderful way and I’m honored to be a part of it! Thank you, JR & Loren and the Corporate Team for ALL that you do to encourage us and for giving us the tools to live our best lives!!! I’m ALL IN with Elizabeth and her team!!! #Epic2019


Michelle Ferguson Thanks to you, Loren and the Corporate team for an awesome Convention! I’m so proud to go out and be the best goose I can be so I can qualify “go now” geese to fly with me. Let’s change the world!


Bernard Lafleur We can learn from geese. They alternate the lead goose to share leadership and help team work.


Gigi Souritzidis Unbelievable conference in every way!! Thank you🙏


Wendy Stackpole Moquin Yes!! Blinders are on! ABC, geese formation! Thank you JR and Loren Ridinger for an incredible WC!😘❤️😍


Kathy Simmons Shirilla Will fly from now on.


Richard Ng Taking action now. 2 plan today


Michael McLaughlin Lessons to implement. PMAE


Khadija Betty Njie Honk, honk, honk


April Joy Dennis Yes!!! I’m so very excited!


Tammy S. Chartier We will make you proud JR!! Thank you!!


Cherrye Baker Wow!!! This was absolutely an Amazing 2019 Miami World conference. So thankful for you JR, Loren bringing us Market America and my Amazing mother goose Pauline Richmond Riley 😊❤


Ida Chan Sure JR!!! Thank you, Loren and the MA team did so much for us!!!


Kim Watts Thank Jr, Loren and the MA DREAM TEAM! You left your heart out on the stage, we are so blessed to have our leaders love us so much that will go any distance to be as successful as they are


Rhonda Hopping Lamoureux JR Ridinger and Loren. I cannot begin to tell how much we believe in this system and how much Don and I will be doing our best to honk and show others in our organization the honk (a) honk (b) honk (c) way to the top
#mawc2019 #bl2b


Jackie Zhou Yes going home now, thank you for the best


Kawae Cheung Yes, we will. Thank you so much JR & Loren & MA team. Love you ❤️


Christine Sotmary Flying in formation!


Yvonne Huang We will!
Thank you JR!


Kathy Neilsen Auffant Thank YOU JR for giving us belief and believing in us!!!


Terri Busch Strange Thank you so much JR and Loren. Excited to join the flock and fly with you!!!!


Bernard Lafleur Thank you for all that you do for us


Heather Worthington Already assembling my flock!! Thank you for all you do!


Yatta Gbapaywhea Ready to fly!!!


Kathy Neilsen Auffant Yes, we are!!!!!! I am ready to fly too but someone had to be the videographer! Teamwork! 🤗


Sharon Robinson So ready! Honk honk!


Jana Rand Ready to fly high!


Kathy Neilsen Auffant WOW!!!! That visual was so impactful!!! This was one of the most powerful conventions I have attended!! From laughing to crying…. the emotions were electrifying!! I am finally ready to retrain my brain 🧠! Thank You to you, Loren Ridinger and the entire Market America Family! ♥️💖❤️♥️🤗


Gabriele Giblin What an awesome visual! Going to put those big rocks in daily and give it my best!! Thank you for always giving your best JR and Loren


Lisa Fuller You hit the home run & created the magic moment. For me, the light bulb went off. All my specific prayers I ask for what I wanted & needed to receive for this conference were delivered by JR. I mean that literally! Thank JR; thank you the law of the universe!


Cindy Hyson Hannon Thank you JR and Loren, this was by far one of the best of MA’s conventions!  <3


Mary Hussey So much gratitude for you and Loren, so much adoration, appreciation! Thank you for your hard work, sleepless nights, leadership and brilliance! And your belief in so many people! ❤️❤️ you are both so loved! ❤️❤️ incredible week of knowledge, I feel taller today, my posture is different! I partnered with a salon in Miami yesterday, I’ve been building a relationship for three years with them and because of the mentor ship, education and follow up the owner was all over me ⚡️ the MBBA has been a game changer, the consistency of absorbing info from events, the system! Thank you!! Thank you guys for this vehicle! ❤️💫cheers to the years! Love you both!!


Deborah Anderson Absolutely amazing weekend. Let’s do this


謝金蘭 改變腦袋才能改變口袋💪💪💪


Kim Watts You speak my language!


Elizabeth Weber-Walliser Rick and I are ALL IN. Not wasting any time!


Joanne Orshan Dash-dash-dash Goose


Anne-Marie Dulgeroff Guthrie Your segment on Friday!!! Probably the best one I have seen you give.


Renee Klumb Brandt The new IBV plan, the goose demonstration, your tribute to Pam and Tony that had to be hard, your true inspiration and vision for everyone. MAWC is my favorite. God bless you and your family.


Sherri Klein Macro-economics 💯 percent buying power for the average consumer with ROI on everyday products like toothpaste food coffee etc.


Elizabeth Kent There were many magic moments for me. The new SAMM, your presentation yesterday, your tribute to Tony Bowling and I could go on. Every Convention is amazing!


Kimberly Bowers Be the goose and leave the past in the past. Time to move forward and put some action and accountability to my daily steps.


Debbie Sue Ashby This thing will be bigger than Google, cause we have what no one else has!!


Christine Jones Thank you, Loren,👑 for the self development 👑 💯♥️💋💄👥💻👥🇺🇸🌎👋🏾👋🏾👋🏾👋🏾


Catalina Ribadeneyra Zajac Love the message, “you’ve got to work on yourself, not your selfie!”


Bonnie Philo our muse our inspiration
a woman who has touched my soul and heart….i love you Loren Ridinger


Al Yentsch You crushed it Loren Ridinger Loren, cannot wait for you at Mideast Regional


Danielle Gervais A rare gem who is even more beautiful in character than she is in appearance! ❤️❤️❤️


Cynthia A. Azzari You are one blessed man! When you two are together you can feel the passion and love between the both of you ! 💖


Marge Manipole Szkolnik She gets more beautiful every year!


Kim Watts Thank you for being who you are. You one of the best inspirational speakers


Barry Golomb Marty you inspire us all! Who says Carpet Guys don’t get things done! Thank you for always bringing us the best of the best! #Superman


Kimberly Bowers Marty ❤️❤️❤️ the razors. Your team is so awesome.


Kim Watts Thank you Marty Weissman & MA! Isotonix saved my life. If it wasn’t for this product I would not be able to sit in this room today! My doctors gave up on me. I am off 19 prescription medications in less than 8 months. I am now all in, building full force. No longer like a chicken in a coop. This business gave me my health and now my wealth. They say money can’t buy health but MA GAVE ME MY LIFE BACK! I am living again! For that I am forever grateful. Thank you!!! #mywhy #isotonics #MAWC2019#aintnostoppingmenow


Renee Klumb Brandt Thank you for a wonderful MAWC


Michelle Ferguson Imprint, duplicate and follow the pattern! I clearly heard you JR. Thank you!


Fred Silck I’ve never seen you better. A++ Thank you


Joyce Vermilyer I know I can do this!!


Bernard Lafleur Awesome JR today, I have never seen so much logic and more importantly so much passion , great mentor for all of us.


Zoé Lee Thank you JR Ridinger for today it’s amazing. We will not be chicken and we will not raise chicken!


Edward Flores I am so thankful for you JR. The teacher never picks the student but rather, the student always picks the teacher. We, 26K of us choose you JR. I choose to be coachable.
Dr. Ed


Sandi Rodriguez You never cease to amaze me JR, with your passion and love for all of us! Thank you for continuing to pour in to all of us!! Love you!! ❤️❤️❤️


Lisa Tolbert This was the best training loved it


Leslie Bock J R you were so spot on today!


Bill Seigh JR you were so ‘spot on’ today. You are a master teacher!


Gilbert Lee Will do it one more time!!


Terry Kuzila Yay Team Rochester!!! 💕


Heather Houle Starting to honk NOW…


Donna Farrell Hoy Love it! Love my hometown ROC team!! <3 This business is FUN and only FUN people would get up in front of thousands of people and act like this!


Jerome Enrique Wee Tan JR, love you my mother goose!!!


Shaelyn Priest Incredible, laughed, cried and got it!


Shannon Northman Definitely a goose!! Ready to lead the way to success for all!! Amazing presentation yesterday JR!!!


Charlie Prime Randle Goose in the making


Kim Sheaffer This is the essence of Market America! Now to get out there and do it! ❤️❤️❤️


Stephen Underwood Love and appreciate this business so much!


Jessica Badillo JR, thank you for everything you do for us, and for believing in us…even when we don’t believe in ourselves. I appreciate you! ❤


Deborah Hayden So true. Thanks for all you do


Erica Chang Thank you so much JR. 100 names list, two per week, for a year. Do the Imprint. Got it!


Yvette Pan ♥️thanks for your sharing today;) It is so insightful.


Al Yentsch Nailed it…. saw it & felt your PASSION.


Beth Black Absolutely BEST convention! Everything was on point!!!! Thank you ❤️❤️


Tanya Hoevelman Thank you for the step by step breakdown! I have listened to your audio Master Building Techniques and the Original B5 for the last year! This made everything come together!!!! #HONK #BL2B


Christine Jones I’ve learned to fill my bean jar, generator on fire it’s filled and expand with good people and honest trustworthy relationships. No more excuses for tickets, events, and TIME. this setback I’m experiencing, will be my COMEBACK 👑 👥💻👥🇺🇸💯♥️⏳ Thank you, for the personal development in business, the fails, the blood sweat and tears too build my bean jar of contacts to succeed this passion inside of me for real.⏳ I believe❤️👋🏾👋🏾👋🏾👋🏾👋🏾👋🏾👋🏾👋🏾👋🏾


Barry Golomb Thanks for sharing with everyone, what you taught us on the U4, and the improvements to the SAMM and SA are fantastic!


Mary Ann Slinn No Excuses especially with hitting SAMM


Nicole Holly Stone I think I’m a duck, not a chicken, a duck, which is not terrible , but I want to be a goose. A mother goose… 🦆🦆


Rick Bright What a team of Passionate loving business partners that only want the best for us!
Never seen a CEO so passionate for other people’s success…
Nobody should leave this weekend without a bag full of nuggets!


Tracy Connor This was phenomenal!!! I am doing it 💜


Bonnie Philo you are both our blessings and we are the lucky ones


Bernard Lafleur Thank you both for an outstanding Conference


Kathy Neilsen Auffant The love between you and Loren Ridinger is so apparent! Love it!!! 💝❤️💖❤️💖


Stephen Underwood Appreciate y’all so much JR Ridinger and Motives by Loren Ridinger, Amanda Ridinger!


Word-Loon Cheung I believe fate brought you together with loving hearts
with a loving family business many success in your community. 💝💞💕


Alejandra Pérez Omg I need to hear that


Nicole Holly Stone “Stop playing Double Dutch with your life and waiting on the side for the perfect opportunity to go, JUST JUMP IN!!!” ~~Fat Joe
Best quote so far #MAWC2019


Barbara Schultz Fat Joe is an amazing inspiration!! #mawc2019


Wendy Stackpole Moquin LOVE Fat Joe! Thank you for always talking from your heart and being such an inspiration and believing in JR and the UnFranchise!!!😘❤️😍

Sarah Rose Stack
 This past event was so energizing for me on so many levels. It’s taken me a day to try and process why it’s been so hard to put into words, and I still don’t know if I have, but I wanted to share anyway. This is a long post…and the crazy part is even still, there was so much more to say but I’ll save it for later haha!

Back in 1984, JR was interviewed and quoted saying that one day people will order everything they need to buy from their TV and computers. At the time, I’m sure people thought he was insane because people didn’t even have home computers then… in fact, I don’t even remember having a home computer until my senior year of high school in 2001. He saw a shift and had this vision of the “mall without walls” (or in other words, the Internet and the change to get anything you want regardless of location) and it happened.

He started our company about a decade later in 1992 with a big vision that changed the industry completely. While MLMs were out there paying percentages, Market America was giving 100% of 100% credit for group business volume, making it easier for people to be successful. Again, people doubted him and said it could never be done. 26 years later and hundreds of thousands of lives changed, I’d say they were wrong again! It can be done and has been done extremely well.

Fast forward to 2015, JR is talking about The Shopping Annuity – a system that takes our Unfranchise business to the next level because you can convert your spending into earning. It was the thing that would take our IBV plan through the roof. BV is the lake and IBV is the ocean because everybody spends money to live and our system pays them for the spending they were going to do anyway. (By the way, WHERE ELSE DOES THAT HAPPEN?! Come on. We all spend money, why would we not want to be compensated for that verses simply spending money and being excluded from the margin of that sale?). Again, there were the stank-faces and nay-sayers because let’s be honest a lot of people don’t like change and they don’t understand things they cannot see. (Need a little faith!) But if there’s anything I’ve learned, it’s never to bet against JR Ridinger because whatever the guy says is coming, will come whether you see it or understand it or not.

This event, The Shopping Annuity truly has come in for a landing and all the dots are connecting. The Shopping Annuity brand has grown so much in the last 12 months, we now have Super IBV products in the warehouse, amazing changes to the SAMM program, the enhancements live and still coming to shop and unfrnanchise.com, the new exclusive products, the invaluable partnerships forged by our partner program, the business building techniques, the workshops, the simplicity of it all… it’s just getting easier and easier to convert your spending into earning. It is truly incredible to be a witness to this weekend. There was such a shift, the energy was electric and you physically felt people “getting it”.

I am privileged to work with this corporate team and I wanted to thank them because they’re all brilliant, but more importantly they’re cooperative as a team. It’s a meeting of the minds with so many ideas and everyone is rowing in the same direction. The amount of progress and forward thinking that has happened this year has been mind-blowing. We’ve polled the field, analyzed their feedback and the vision from every angle and every single person has rolled their sleeves up and done everything it takes. No task is too big or too small and no person is too good to do anything. That’s probably what sets our team apart from other companies the most – every executive is willing to experience the process from the ground up so they truly understand it, rather than just relying on numbers and other people telling them. Marc is like the conductor of an orchestra – fully aware of every little nuance and making the perfect adjustments for the perfect sound, pushing us all to be better, grouping us the right way, and plain ole, getting ISH done. Everyone of us has grown tremendously because he and JR have pushed us to be better. The leadership is unmatched. Thank you.

Also want to thank this team for taking such great care of each other. I was just thinking back about how lucky I am that my executive sales team and corporate team are not just colleagues, they’re my brothers and sisters. They always have my back and I’ll always have theirs. Last December I had a crazy asthma attack in a meeting and nothing was working (the company has a health clinic on site where I received a breathing treatment and even a steroid shot). Even though we had a ton to get through, every single one of them checked up on me and Marc had someone take his personal car to drive me to see a doctor. Where else does that happen? I mean man, if you had to leave your job because you were sick, would the president of the company insist that someone take his personal car to drive you and then every team member call/text to check up on you? I am so blessed to be in the company of people who love and care about each other as much as this team does. WE are so blessed to be partnered with a company who is so invested in the success of each other, the company, and it’s UnFranchise Owners. THESE PEOPLE CARE MORE ABOUT YOU THAN YOU COULD POSSIBLY UNDERSTAND.

Directors Group!! My UnFranchise business partners are incredible. On Wednesday, we had a real scare with Jordan and he was on watch and treatment to make sure he didn’t need to have his appendix removed. At that last minute, Ryan had to make the call to stay back in case our son needed surgery. Our team did not skip a beat (even though we missed you so much, Ryan!) Everyone stepped up, got together, and everything was perfectly fine. We didn’t need to worry about anything because our team is built of a bunch of leaders who all fly in a V (WE ARE GEESE). Just like JR said, if the lead goose gets tired, he simply falls to the back of the formation and another goose takes the leadership role for a while. If one gets sick and has to fall out of formation, others stay back to make sure he’s ok. We support each other. We fly as a team. The V formation allows the whole flock to achieve 70% greater flying range than if each bird flew alone. We are stronger together! Our team sticks together and I love each of them for it. I am so beyond proud of our team for the leadership and teamwork that it exudes. I love you all.

I was looking at the arena this weekend and thinking to myself – “How the hell are we going to fit everyone next year?”. So many people are going to be making money and bringing more and more people, where are they going to fit? Are we going to have to do 2 locations?” Buckle up guys, we’re gonna need a bigger boat lol!




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