September 9th, 2017

Making a Difference: Conquer Entertainment’s Mark McKinney to Host Hurricane Harvey Benefit Concert

Many of us have been watching the news about Hurricane Harvey and have been shocked to see the devastating flooding going on in Texas. If you’re like me, you’ve wondered – what’s the best way to really make a positive impact on those in need? With billions of dollars in damage and thousands of homes destroyed, the nation has seen an outpouring of support that reminds us all what makes our country so special. Despite whatever petty differences we have, we all seem to rally together and support one another in times of need. This level of support is great, but it really doesn’t help if the time, effort, and money we all donate never reaches the victims of this once in a lifetime storm.

It’s utterly heartbreaking to see the news footage of the homes and lives that have been destroyed by this merciless storm, but tragedies like this also provide great opportunities to take action and help one another. While donating to charities is always a popular option during catastrophes like Hurricane Harvey, I know many people have concerns that some of the large non-profits don’t always direct a large enough portion of the funds they receive to the people who need it most. It’s quite frustrating to see much-needed donations wasted away on red tape and administrative costs of charities, but we have a better alternative…

Times like this call for action, and that’s exactly what the Conquer Entertainment Team and Texas native Mark McKinney have decided to do by putting together a tremendous Hurricane Harvey relief campaign and special benefit concert on September 16th featuring Mark and special guests. This storm really hit home for Mark and his wife Cassie, and they wanted to give back to their community which lost so much, Port Aransas. The damage this community endured is beyond words. Pictures barely even begin to capture the full devastation Harvey wrought upon this community. Some people lost everything they had – but we all have a chance to give this tragic story a happy ending.

I urge everyone to visit this special page that’s dedicated to the Hurricane Harvey Benefit campaign and concert, so you can learn more about how you can make a big difference for this community in need: There will be a special auction and raffle at the concert too, so that’s another great opportunity for you to donate and contribute to this amazing cause. Unlike some massive Non-Profits, best part about this relief effort is all the proceeds will go straight to the people in need! We will be able to track every penny to ensure donations and items are reaching the victims of Hurricane Harvey, not padding the pockets of some Non-Profit executive.

I know many people reading this will want to know additional ways they can help the cause, so we’ve listed below six simple steps to help make a big impact for those in need…

Six Easy Ways to Help with the Hurricane Harvey Benefit Effort:

1). Spread the Word! Don’t have money to donate? No worries — you can still help by just getting the word out, attached are graphics that you can use as your social media backdrops, a flyer you can post, and links you can share out! Share the images included in this article and help spread the word! The more people who help us get the word out, the more help we can give this devastated community.

2). Share Your Story! Did you go to Texas to help? Are you from the area and your town is effected? Send us in your story, photos, footage, or testimonial — let us help get the word out!

3). Post on Social Media! We are working hard to get the word out quickly and you can help. Do you have a blog or newsletter? Have a YouTube channel? We encourage everyone to post about this while sharing this link:

4). Make a Video! Are you an internet celebrity, musician, artist, or celebrity? We would love a little video from you that we can post out through our channels encouraging more people to help or donate!

5). Donate Items to the Auction and/or Raffle! We’re looking for things of value to add to our raffle and auction that will be held at the benefit on September 16th. Are you a celebrity and can send us a signed photo or piece of memorabilia, do you have celebrity friends? Help us out! Do you have something else in mind that would be great for the auction or raffle? You can mail items to:

Hurricane Harvey Benefit

6117 York Bridge Circle

Austin Texas 78749

6). Donate $ to the Cause! Buy some music!! All proceeds from the downloads and merchandise of participating artists on for the next TWO WEEKS will go to the devastated community of Port Aransas!

Hurricane Harvey has destroyed a lot of property but it’s up to all of us to rally together and help support the people who’ve lost so much!

Keep Growing!
-JR Ridinger



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  1. Cassie McKinney says:

    JR, thank you so much for this opportunity to help my hometown begin to rebuild, and for making it so easy for others to directly contribute as well. #TexasStrong

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