MAIC2021: The Opportunity Amplifier

These past few days have been a whirlwind of inspiration, insight and education as we turned the page to the next chapter of our global success story. The remarkable thing about MAIC2021 was the fact that we proved the hybrid approach (with both online and in-person attendees) is an excellent option for hosting business events in the modern age. It’s all about being dynamic and responsive to an ever-changing world and fortunately for us we’re designed to adapt! 

We’ve been leading the online shopping parade for years, so it’s only fitting we’d also pioneer new ways of business building. Everything we do is designed to amplify the opportunities for UnFranchise Owners by presenting a systemic approach to success which lowers the barriers and removes the obstacles & pitfalls of traditional franchise models while also empowering entrepreneurs by providing them the means to build a better future for themselves and others. We saw that firsthand this week during an emotional & powerful segment with a young man named Dritan Hodo. If nothing else, watch him speak from the heart about the UnFranchise and what it means to him. 

The point is – no one has what we have. Our combination of people power, technology, and forward thinking business leadership is unrivaled, and that’s a substantial reason why our business has been thriving – even in the face of an unprecedented global pandemic. In some ways I’m apprehensive about sharing just how fast we’re growing right now, because I’m sensitive to the fact that many people have lost their life and livelihood to this ongoing tragedy. 

But I also feel obligated to share our success because I know in these trying times more and more people are seeking new solutions to the problems of the modern age. I truly feel we are the solution to the challenges of today’s economy, and an entrepreneurial life raft for people around the globe. We may not be able to control the ebbs and flows of the global economy, but we can help people establish a solid financial foundation built on the spirit of entrepreneurism, the resilience of supplemental income streams, and the idea that we are all capable of so much more when we work together to achieve our goals.

We offer a unique road map to success, but the truth is – only you can make the journey for yourself. Join us and begin writing the saga of your success! 

Keep Growing!

-JR Ridinger 


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