MAIC2021: The Next Chapter in Our Entrepreneurial Evolution

These past few weeks have really been exciting as we built towards International Convention and the steps beyond. I’ve been working with various UnFranchise superstars like Elizabeth Weber to refine our strategies and game plan for the next wave of growth and volume. This is the rebirth of Market America and a sequel to our days as pioneering entrepreneurs. 

Working with Elizabeth and planning the next era of success has been so invigorating and exciting and reminds me of the energy and momentum we harnessed back in the day when we were originally building this business. Those who attend International Convention will experience the next step in our evolution – so join us and be part of this exciting sequel! 

Elizabeth and I recently discussed what we will do at MAIC2021 together and how her actions and strategies represent the next level matrix of what we created in the beginning together with the evaluation approach and qualifying but much faster and effective with Zoom evaluations and trial runs and staying with the people until they earn. People leading to people is the key and we will show you how it is done again! We may even do one live at MAIC2021!

At any rate – we’ve had a great time together and Loren & I along with Elizabeth & Rick are planning to get away after convention like the old days to celebrate. We are so blessed to have Elizabeth as top gun of Market America and she is doing it again with a fresh group of UFOs. She had 6 people hit Higher UFO levels in the last 6 months on top of 6 new pin levels in her personal BDC’s the previous 6 months – meaning that it has been a 12 month roll and Elizabeth is still gaining momentum! Seriously impressive. Come join the fun at MAIC2021 and learn how to do it too with your team! 

Keep Growing!

We Believe in You! 

-JR Ridinger 


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