MAIC2020: Incredible Testimonial from Andy Webb

Team, I’d like to take a moment to pass along an amazing message I received from Andy Webb after MAIC2020 which I felt needed to be shared with everyone. I love seeing how these events inspire UFOs, and Andy’s message really inspired me!!!!

PowerfulMessage from Andy Webb:

Loren, JR & Marc,

            Sending out a huge THANK YOU for an incredible International Convention!! It was clear that you poured your hearts and souls into this event!  As JR pointed out all weekend, disruption creates opportunity, and I’ve been processing the wealth of inspiration, information, and new releases all week.  The New UnFranchise Marketing App is off the charts!

            My reflections are even more poignant and nostalgic today as I celebrate the 25th Anniversary of starting my UnFranchise!  It’s been 25 years, but it seems like yesterday! I can’t thank you guys enough for the years of hard work, vision, and dedication you have put into the company that has come to mean so much to me and my family!  We are truly and deeply grateful for all that Market America and you have done for us. 

            One of my take-aways from this conference is JR’s passion and absolute sense of urgency! In contemplating and reflecting quite a lot over the past year and a half, with the passing of Tony, Pam & Rick, Frank’s continued illness, and the tumultuous shift in the world, I share this sense of wanting to make the most of the time we have left. There are certainly more years behind us than ahead!  Julie and I have also been reflecting upon our own family and what we want to be able to do with and for them.

I am renewing my commitment to continuing to build my business, and helping my daughters build theirs, but I am also willing to focus my strengths and energy into helping the company grow and succeed on a broader level. 

The unexpected events of the past year have solidified my belief, desire and commitment to rededicate myself to building the business and helping the company to fulfill JR’s vision!  I appreciate all of you and the rest of the corporate team so much and hope we can talk further at some point to discuss any possibilities.

Much love and respect!

– Andy