MAIC2017: Pushing Back Your 2 to 3 Year Clock

When we talk about the power of the 2 to 3 year plan, it seems like some people are getting confused about the way the clock operates. Some people think the clock on the 2 to 3 year plan starts moving the moment you become an UnFranchise Owner, but the truth is this clock only moves when you engage in result-producing activities. This was one of the central themes I discussed at MAIC2017 was the topic of a recent video which you’ll find below.

Since International Convention, I’ve received some incredible feedback, including a tremendous email from UFO Patrick Engasser, who’s pushed back his 2 to 3 year clock. Congratulations, Patrick! I’d love for more UFOs to follow your lead and to express how they’ve pushed back their 2-3 year clocks. It’s so important to be honest with yourself and not create an inferior mindset by thinking you’ve been in the business a long time and haven’t made the progress you expected or desired.

Having this false perception of your progress (or lacktherof) creates a bad reflection on yourself and generates the wrong impression for others. The 2-3 year clock is really a stopwatch that only advances when you do the result producing activities and the daily and weekly steps that add up to monthly and annual progress. In reality, your 2 to 3 year clock hasn’t really moved because you’re not doing the result-producing activities!

But fear not. Big events like #MAIC2017 provide everyone with the perfect opportunity to push back their 2 to 3 year clocks to the right time that reflects their real progress with the UnFranchise. There’s really no better time to do it than right now after convention when you and your team are focused, inspired, and motivated!

Just remember, the clock on the 2 to 3 year plan doesn’t just start ticking automatically when someone becomes a UFO. Sometimes people don’t get started right away like it would require with a traditional enterprise like opening the office, store or shop every day and running the business. Therefore, signing the application and attending functions is more like going to school and getting an education.  When one opens the doors of their UnFranchise a good measurement of growth is becoming a Master UnFranchise owner because those activities and accomplishments are minimal and about equivalent to opening the business for real.

If someone gets sidetracked for weeks, months or years and they don’t do the Basic 5 and the daily steps—were they really working the business during that time? No. If you are ready to really get started and set the clock back and run the stopwatch based on result-producing activities, then why not turn over a new leaf and use what you learned at convention! Why not set the clock back? It is a relatively simple process and just takes some honest self-assessment.

What are the daily steps and weekly goals in your plan of action?  What are the steps in the staircase to the UFO level you desire to reach? Go back to your old calendars, journals, email/outlook, or any records you keep that may help provide clarity and perspective on your commitment and growth with the UnFranchise. Looking back – what were the average number of days per month you actually opened the doors to your business and did the result producing activities? That’s the million dollar question.

When assessing this, includes things like: retailing (sell a product or service a customer), adding names to your possibility list, doing follow-up calls and meetings, calling people to evaluate the plan to give referrals (just 2 per week is minuscule), following the ABC pattern and trial runs, train/core/counsel your group, attend/conduct trainings, complete your Shopping Annuity assessment, etc. It’s fine if you didn’t do much – but adjust the time accordingly and push your clock back!

This gives you a fresh perspective and makes it easier to forgive yourself for lack of progress because you have not really been open for business as much as you once thought. Pushing back your 2 to 3 year clock provides you with a much needed fresh start and a whole new perspective on your business. For me it is the first step in a new or real beginning!

I would love to hear about your new time on the clock and what you realize by doing this and what your plan of action is. What does your 2 to 3 year clock say? Please tell me! How long have you really been open for business? Consider this as your read Patrick Engasser’s powerful message below, and hopefully it will inspire you to push back your 2 to 3 year clock as well! This will make a big difference for you and your team. I recommend you all do it ASAP while people are still fired up from the convention!

Keep Growing!

-JR Ridinger


Patrick Engasser’s Message about Resetting the 2 to 3 Year Clock


This convention was the best I have been to yet. I am very excited about the uberization of the shopping annuity and the new everyday household products that are going to be BV products.

You told us all to set the clock back and send you the details. I am setting my clock back from one year to two months. You are right, being an executive coordinator in two months in pretty good. I am showing the plan this afternoon, and again on Tuesday. Two a week! I will be on the moving up seminar in November. Bought ten tickets to Miami after your speech on day one of International. Thank you for giving us all a chance to change our lives and the lives of some many others.

Keep Growing

Patrick from Buffalo




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