August 25th, 2017

#MAIC2017 Magic Moments with Elizabeth Weber and Jackie Blasko

These past few weeks have been an absolute whirlwind – and during that time I’ve received some amazing feedback from UFOs around the world, including some excellent messages from leaders like Elizabeth Weber and Jacki Blasko. I’d like to share with you now their messages about their experiences and magic moments from #MAIC2017, in the hopes that it will inspire you to also share your stories with us. It’s so special to be able to see the impact this event has had on my UnFranchise family, and to learn more about your perspectives on the event.

Thanks to Elizabeth, Jackie, and all the other UnFranchise Owner’s who’ve reached out to me to share their thoughts and experiences from #MAIC2017. I read all of your feedback and it even helps serve as a fuel that drives and motivates me. I invite everyone to leave me a comment on this blog or send me an email to and share your experiences and magic moments from #MAIC2017, as well as what you’re doing to follow through and capitalize on all the momentum we’ve generated.

In the meantime enjoy these special messages from Elizabeth Weber and Jackie Blasko! We’ll see you in Miami for #MAWC2018!!!

Keep Growing!

-JR Ridinger



Everyone and everything was AMAZING and the best ever!! You hit it out of the park and beyond! Stellar performance! My magic moment is the switch going off in my head that says GO GO GO! Tell the world about the Shopping Annuity! It’s up to us to help change the world and create our own economy! Keep this business simple. It’s about feeding and building your Shopping Annuity and finding two other people to commit to the same thing. We have to make sure everyone gets to the events! Keep it simple! I’m on fire like never ever before!! I’m not going to just talk about it though, I’M DOING IT!!! Who’s joining me????

-Elizabeth Weber



It is so hard to list just one Magic Moment when every day offered so many!! You and your Cause to Change the World and your continued commitment to Excellence in every Presentation was heart felt and will keep me going for another 25 years! You have given us inspiration for a lifetime as well as the knowledge and understanding to build stronger than ever!  Loren’s presentation “You’re Not That Busy” was definitely a Magic Moment filled with inspiration and wisdom for everyone! I could listen to her all day!

All the New Products that have been developed were also a big highlight for me as we continue to give people what they need for wellness and more BV! I sincerely believe our Future and the next 25 will be the BEST ever as we very simply continue to make a commitment to your cause of the Shopping Annuity and building to Bless and Serve others because people need a better way!  I loved the presentations of every UFO, especially on Sunday! That too was filled with magic moments of wisdom and understanding for building strong!

Market America | SHOP.COM will change the world! I am enjoying the journey and the legacy. Therefore, I can pass it on to my children and grandchildren! Thank you!

Blessings and continued success!

Jacki Blasko





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