August 9th, 2017

MAIC2017: Celebrating Our Challenge Winners

Congratulations to our #MAIC2017 Challenge Winners! We’re kicking off International Convention in style as we acknowledge the tremendous accomplishments of our various challenge winners, who are leveraging the power of our products to unlock massive success with the UnFranchise. Our Challenge winners exhibit a level of belief and a commitment to building the business the right way – by connecting people with world-class products that make their lives better. Through that process they are not only helping their customers but also building lasting success.

Below you will find a list of all our MAIC2017 Chairman’s Challenge Winners. These entrepreneurs are sterling examples of what’s possible when you believe in the UnFranchise and believe in the power of our products. I’m so proud of each and every one of you for not only exceeding our expectations but also helping to inspire the next wave of success within our company.


WebCenters Challenge Winners:

  • Erica Chang
  • Winnie Chang
  • Rosa Cheng
  • Patrick Chu
  • Debby Chung
  • Wang Yu Fang
  • Sue Gilad
  • Claire Hammel
  • Lisa Hoynes
  • Tseng Jia Hsiang
  • Ying-Ting Huang
  • Ji-Rong Jin
  • Semerah Killingbeck
  • Chwen Lim
  • Bale Lin
  • Yinyen Lin
  • Tracey Nguyen
  • Trista Polo
  • Maggie Su Po Ling
  • Weng Tsung-Piao
  • Amy Wu
  • Michael Zupp


TLS Challenge Winners:

  • Robin Baran
  • Jacque and Claire Hammel
  • Julie Landsiedel
  • Jordan Landsiedel
  • Wanzhu Mu
  • Kam Parker and April Dennis
  • Suzanne Patrick
  • Ruth Schadler


Motives Challenge Winners:

  • Janine Amato
  • Tanya Dorsey
  • Nichole McKlveen
  • Lynda Nguyen
  • Gabriela Pier Gonzalez
  • Leigh Raeder
  • Shelley Smith
  • Carrie Smith
  • Daniella Stow
  • Andreea Thomson


Conquer Challenge Winners:

  • Dawn Florio
  • Christine Jones
  • Zoe and Glant Lee
  • Rachel Lee-Carey
  • Michele and Tony Molinaro
  • Wei Wei Ning


nutraMetrix Challenge Winners:

  • Jane Chen
  • Holly Greif
  • Julie Landsiedel
  • Susan Markowitz
  • Rebecca Morehead
  • Junhua Reitman
  • Tina Rose
  • Teresa Tilley
  • Pat Wolff
  • Michelle Yao


Chairman’s Challenge Winners:

  • Dorothy Bayford
  • Dyron and Patrice Davis
  • Norma and Edward Flores
  • Dawn Florio
  • Ana Elizabeth Gil
  • Wenfang He and Mehran Jahanpahlevan
  • Cindy Jie
  • Wei Li
  • Xiang Li
  • Frances Lin
  • Wenying Liu
  • Xiaoqing Liu
  • Ka Yan Luk
  • Wei Ming
  • Glenda Lara Rosero
  • Marcus Schaech
  • Maria and Giorgio Simonetta
  • Qianxia Sun and Xinghua Pu
  • Xiaoli Sun
  • Elizabeth Weber
  • Yixiao Wu
  • Tiffany Fei Xie
  • Jiaozi Yu
  • Shan Zhao


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