August 10th, 2017

#MAIC2017: The Art of Prospecting and Recruiting

Prospecting and recruiting is one of the core fundamental aspects of our business, yet it seems that so many people have been doing it wrong. Many of you have been limiting yourself by only bringing on two people – as if you’re all done after that. That’s just the beginning! When you only sponsor two people, you’re group sees it and duplicates it. You’re supposed to get two per week, not just 2 period. That’s 104 a year. If you’re really in this business, then this is your job. I never told you to just get two! Try to keep that in mind because otherwise you’re essentially limiting your business growth.

Without question one of the most important things to understand is the fact that the Basic 5 connects to every aspect of recruiting – so when you do them all you’re already putting yourself in a tremendous position to become a master recruiter. Essentially, if you’re not doing trial runs and the ABC pattern you’re missing out on what really works. In this business it’s all about following up- and if you don’t do that then you’ll never even have a chance to shake the bean jar.

In a sense, people will basically recruit you because they love to talk about themselves – and when you take the time to really listen you can learn how to help. Always ask questions. Listen. God gave your two ears and one mouth for a reason. Learn about their pain. Learn about their wishes. Learn about their dreams. Learn about their passions. If you just do that one thing then you win – because we have a way to address their problems and help them make their dreams a reality. It’s called the UnFranchise. But keep in mind – you’re not talking about the business, you’re talking about their pain and passion and providing a real solution.

The Shopping Annuity is another reason why so many people are naturally drawn to the UnFranchise. We convert spending into earning and help connect people with product. That concept should recruit itself because everyone buys things to live. So why not become a UFO and buy from yourself so you can convert that spending into earning? It’s such a no brainer!

Another great tip to help you prospect and recruit is to just USE the products – the more products you know about the more people you will be able to connect with those products. It’s really that simple. But in the end, it all comes down to believe and attitude. You will never prospect successfully without the right belief. That’s why you’re here this weekend. Don’t bottle it up. Let it rip let it roar, let it out let it soar! Storytelling is also key. Tell a story about this weekend. Tell a story about the people you’ve met, and the success they’ve experienced. It always inspires further success and attracts more people to this life-changing business!

Here’s a good example of how to prospect without being annoying or pushy:

Maybe you can help me out. We are expanding our SHOP.COM business and need someone who knows the area, has a good business mind, and is well connected to spearhead the growth. I realize you are committed to what you do and are satisfied. But I thought you might know someone who may be interested or at least know the right people. I would love an introduction to see if they know the right people in which case there may be something in it for you. It could be mutually profitable. (Be prepared to answer what SHOP.COM is.)

I’ve been doing this nearly my entire life, so the question is – WILL YOU DO IT?!?!?…

  • A TEAM: Everyone get two referrals or prospects to approach. Senior partners will help and show you what to do.
  • If you lead a team of 10 UFOs that gives you 20 leads in the funnel.
  • JUST DO IT!! Lead by example. What you set in motion carries in motion!

I’ve noticed that people always tend to talk about three things: basic chitchat (news sports, weather), they complain, or they wish. Every single time I’ve ever done it- that’s what they talk about! I get them to complain and wish, because I know deep down I have the solution they seek, even if they don’t know it yet. The big question always comes up – what is it? The best answer is to just show them the plan. In the past you hard to draw the plan by hand – now we have so many digital resources we’ve essentially removed all the excuses! JUST DO IT!!!

Stop trying to talk people into it. Recruiting and prospecting isn’t about that. If they like the 2-3 year plan they will be naturally drawn to it. But you have to show them the plan at least three times for the fireworks to really start going off in their head. Once you have a group and start build momentum and inertia with them, success is almost inevitable. Using the network referral system is a marvelous way to discover new contacts and something I highly suggest.

When it’s all said and done, if they’re cooperative and coachable then they’re worth the time investment. It’s that simple. But remember – when you only sponsor two people, you’re group sees it and duplicates it. You’re supposed to get two per week, not just 2 period. That’s 104 a year. If you’re really in this business, then this is your job!!!

I don’t want to see you back here next year with the same UnFranchise Level. Apply what you learn here this week and you will hit a new level if not more! You just have to step out of your comfort zone! JUST DO IT!

Keep Growing!

-JR Ridinger


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