#MAIC2016 in Photos

If a picture is worth a thousand words than just imagine the story an entire photo album can tell! Below you’ll find a great selection of pictures from our 2016 Market America International Convention which can serve as a great recruiting tool for UnFranchise Owners.

Sharing these professional photos from #MAIC2016 on your personal social media pages, email blasts, or blog posts is a great way to spark a conversation about your UnFranchise Business. It’s also a great way to show your fellow UnFranchise Owners what they missed out on! Leave me a comment and tell me how you’re utilizing these pictures to grow your UnFranchise!

Keep Growing!
-JR Ridinger


Andrew W & Jim W Andrew W & Marty Andrew W Andrew W-Jim W Brandy Holden 2 Brandy Holden Christian V & Fat Joe Crowd 2 Crowd 3 Crowd 4 Crowd 5 (2) Crowd 5 Crowd Shot Elsi Pacheco Executives Fat Joe Crowd Fat Joe Full Stage Fat Joe Stage 1 Fat Joe Stage 2 Fat Joe Field Leaders- Kuo 2 Jeremy F & Chris P Jim W-Andrew W-Field Leaders Jim W-Andrew W-Jeremy F JR & Marc Ashley JR on Stage JR Stage 1 JR Stage 3 JR Stage 4 JR Stage 5 JR Kim and Maria on Stage new products Kim and Maria

La La and #sign La La Full Stage La La on stage La La with Motives sign LDV Crowd Loren & Crowd Loren & JR 2 Loren Crowd Sign Loren Crowd Loren Ridinger 2 Loren Ridinger loren-sm-1-1 loren-sm-2 loren-sm-3 loren-sm-4 MAIC Full Stage Man in Crowd Marc Ashley & Fat Joe Marc Ashley Marc watching JR on stage Maria & Kim Maria and Kim on stage Maria Kim Marty Marty-Dennis F-Jim W Million Dollar Club Motives Crowd Motives Group Motives Men National Anthem 2 National Anthem 4 National Anthem Steve Ashley & Jim W

Adrew W-Sarah R amanda ridinger Amber and JR Amber on Stage Andrew W on stage arena-1 Chifu Chen Crowd & Stage Crowd 3 Crowd 4 Crowd 5 Crowd 6 Crowd 7 Crowd 8 Crowd 9 Crowd 10 Crowd 11 Crowd 12 Crowd 13 Crowd 14 David W on stage David W Day 2 Crowd 1 Day 2 Crowd 2 Dennis with #Marc Duane and Amber on Stage with product Duane and Amber Duane La La and Christian Duane La La AW Christian Duane Marc and AW Duane with #sign Duane with Camera Eddie Alberty Elizabeth W and Loren Fat Joe behind stage Fat Joe Sign Fat Joe Stage Full Arena-1 Full Arena-2 Guys with Marc Ashley sign IMG_8580 Jeremy F & Sarah R Jeremy F & Sarah with sign Jim Winkler Stage Jim Winkler JR and Amanda JR close up on Stage JR on Stage JR Shopping Annuity JR Stage 1 JR Stage 2 JR Stage 3 JR Kevin B-Dennis F-Jim W-Andrew W Kevin H & Steve A Kim and Maria on Stage new products Kirk in Conquer Booth La La and #sign La La and Fat Joe La La Anthony 2 La La Anthony La La Fat Joe JR Marty La La with Motives sign Loren Amber Loren and Amber Loren and crowd Loren and La La in Instagram Sign Loren and La La with signs Loren blows Kiss Loren Girls Loren Sign Loren with Crowd Loren with DNA romper Loren with Motives sign Marc Ashley on stage Marc Ashley stage pres Marc Ashley Marc Coming out on Stage Marc on Screen Marc watching JR on stage Mobile Team Motives Signs My Why Sign Shopping Annuity Sign Sleeping Guy Steve A & Jim W Steve A & Kevin TLS Group TLS Sign

Amber Marty Duane Amber with #LDV Amber-Duane-Marty-DNA Andrew W. Day 3 Arena 2-Day 3 Arena 3 Arena 4 Arena-Day 3 Crowd phone photo Day 3 Crowd 1 Day 3 Crowd 2 Day 3 Crowd 4 Day 3 Crowd 5 Day 3 Crowd 6 Day 3 Crowd 7 Day 3 Crowd 8 Day 3 Crowd 9 Day 3 Crowd 10 Duane and Amber with DNA box Duane and Amber-2 Duane Marty Amber on Stage JR 2-Day 3 JR 3 Day 3 JR-Day 3 Loren & Bobby Loren and Bobby Loren and Duane in Booth Loren taking photo Loren with #LDV Loren-Elizabeth W Loren-Trina Marc Ashley 2 Day 3 Marc Ashley 3 Day 3 Marc Ashley 4 Day 3 Marc Ashley Day 3 Marty on Stage SNAP Marty W. Marty-Snap Motives Product 1 Motives Product 2 Motives Product 3 Motives Product 4 My Why Sign Power Profile-Rogers Power Profile-Trina Team Canada

After party crowd After party dance 2 After party dance 3 After party dance 4 After party dance Amber and Loren Andrew W.-Barry G.-Bonnie P.-Wendy M. Andrew W-Loren-JR AW-B&W Carl E. Conquer-Justina V. 2 Conquer-Justina V Crowd-B&W Day 4 Crowd 2 Day 4 Crowd 3 Day 4 Crowd 4 Day 4 Crowd Day 4 Dennis Franks DSC_3316 DSC_3327 DSC_3334 DSC_3338 DSC_3344 DSC_3353 DSC_3354 DSC_3367 DSC_3402 copy Duane After Party Eliz W and Loren-B&W Fat Joe with #sign-B&W Jim Winkler JR After Party 2 JR and Jim W JR and Jim W-B&W JR in Audience JR on stage JR speaking with Loren Julie L Kevin B La La and #sign-B&W Loren and JR kissing Loren and JR on Stage-Sun Loren and JR Loren and JR-2 Loren and JR-concourse Loren in DJ Booth Maria Marc Kim-B&W Phil G Sarah & Ryan Rose Stack Sarah and Ryan